25 Fun Things Kids Love a Lot

No matter what age we are, most of us can agree that kids just have a way of making things more fun. They see the world differently than adults do and often approach life with enthusiasm and joy that’s contagious.

But just because they’re young doesn’t mean they always feel inspired to be imaginative. If your child is struggling to tap into their creativity, don’t worry! There are plenty of fun things you can do together that will help them enjoy the process and explore their imagination.

Check out these 25 fun things that kids love and see how you can encourage them to explore their imaginations!

1) Finger Painting

It’s messy and so much fun! Kids will be giggling with glee as they create colorful masterpieces. This activity also helps develop fine motor skills which are important for writing later on in life.

2) Drawing

No matter what age you are drawing brings out your creative side. You can’t draw without imagining something there first; this exercise stimulates the mind to come up with new and novel ideas.

3) Building with Blocks or Legos

Blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs; whatever the case may be kids love to build and design different structures and houses. This activity stimulates creative thinking skills as children must think about what they’re building and how they’ll use that structure in play later on.

4) Painting Murals

Painting murals is a lot of fun; we’ve all seen those amazing street murals so why not paint your own? It helps kids to appreciate art as it allows them to become part of the creative process, which is one of the most rewarding feelings there is!

5) Carving Out Soap Bubbles

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy blowing bubbles, adults can too! It’s fascinating to watch the bubbles slowly float away. This is also a great activity for kids because it teaches them patience as they wait for their bubble concoction preparations to be complete.

6) Painting with Water

Painting with water isn’t just awesome looking, but awesome smelling too! Kids will love making different colors using food coloring and water. There are so many ways this activity can be adapted, which ensures no two paintings will look alike.

7) Making Slime

Slime is awesome. I think what makes it even better is that you don’t have to buy pre-made slime at the store to try it out yourself! If your child wants an awesome science experiment then check out how you can make the slime yourself and your child will be so happy!

8) Playing with Water at a Splash Park

Splash parks are an awesome way to cool down during the summer. They also allow kids to engage in another really fun activity: playing with water! Sometimes it’s just nice to let loose and play as you would as a kid especially when there are no worries about getting wet.

9) Making Rainbows Using Baking Soda or Vinegar

This experiment not only teaches children about chemical reactions, which is fascinating in itself, but it allows them to see things from a scientific perspective. The gorgeous rainbows this experiment creates will dazzle children as they watch the colors form before their eyes.

10) Doodling

Doodling helps kids practice and develop their fine motor skills, but it also stimulates the imagination. Kids don’t need to use words with doodling; they can make anything they want using shapes and designs.

11) Playing Hide ‘n Seek

Hide and seek is a classic game that never gets old. It allows kids to be playful as well as social (after all, playing this game would be pretty boring if you were alone). Being able to find where someone is hiding brings about an immense sense of pride in children which will motivate them to keep on looking until the seeker has found the hider.

12) Holding a Flashlight Under Your Face

A really fun activity is holding a flashlight under your face. You can make creepy faces that will thrill kids up. This is a great way to pass time on a frightful night.

13) Making Holiday-Themed Play Dough

Holiday play dough sets make such wonderful presents because they allow children to create something unique and interesting with their own hands. These sets come with tons of different colors and decorations, which means no two items will look the same!

14) Coloring in Mandalas

Mandalas are those circular designs that usually have an intricate pattern inside them which creates a very cool-looking picture. Kids will love creating these patterns as it allows them to be creative and work on their fine motor skills at the same time.

15) Building forts using couch cushions, sheets, or chairs

Kids don’t always need toys to play with when they can put their minds to work and build something out of what’s around them. Things like couch cushions, sheets, tables, and chairs are all things kids can use to create forts that they can play in alone or with friends. If you want to make it extra fun then take an old bedsheet (like the ones mom uses) and dye it your favorite color!

16) Painting on Tiles

Paint sets usually come with small little tiles which often go unnoticed by parents. This is a big mistake because children love painting on tiles just as much as paintbrushes. These tiles also tend to be less messy than paper so getting paint stains everywhere is less likely to happen.

17) Making a Superhero Cape

Superheros and capes go hand in hand, and any boy or girl would be happy to receive a homemade cape on any occasion. That’s because making your superhero cape will allow children to create something they can use which makes playing “superhero” that much more fun.

18) Playing Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is just like musical chairs but with dancing! When the music stops the kids have to freeze in their current position until the music starts again when they move around until it stops once more. This game allows children to develop their fine motor skills as well as their listening skills since they have to pay attention to the music played.

19) Going on a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts allow children to use their cognitive skills as they work out how and where to find clues and treasures. This will make kids feel like real secret agents as they follow the map to uncover each clue.

20) Having a Bubble Party

Bubble parties are such fun events for children because watching bubbles float around is always delightful, but creating them yourselves is extra special as it allows them to be hands-on with something as magical as bubbles! Children can blow bubbles inside an old sheet or blanket which will help contain all the mess! Boys and girls of every age will love this activity.

21) Playing Board Games

One of the best ways for kids to learn socialization skills is by playing board games with their friends and family. The best part about board games is that there’s one for every age group so no matter if your child is two or twelve, they will be able to find a game they like!

22) Playing Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is such an awesome activity as it makes kids feel like real-life ninjas who can’t be seen in the dark since the only light source available is a flashlight. This creates an exhilarating and unforgettable night full of adventures and excitement!

23) Create Your Book Using Paint Chips

Using paint chips to make your book allows children to allow their creative juices to flow as they pick out their favorite colors and themes for each page. After making the pages, let them bind them themselves with a needle and thread, or you can even let them use staples!

24) Going on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are awesome because they allow kids to get out of the house to find things that may be difficult to find inside. This is great for developing their cognitive skills as well as helping them learn how to solve problems when they’re not around mom and dad.

25) Carrying A Blankie

Blankies are so awesome because no matter where kids go, they have comfort in knowing that their favorite plushy friend is nearby which allows them to feel safe enough so they can fall asleep no matter the setting. Not only are these items great for sleep time, but they’re also great for trips as they can double as a comfort item and a blanket!


The above article provides 25 ways to make your children feel loved and happy. From playing freeze dance, scavenger hunts or making a superhero cape (to name just a few), these activities will help develop skills in different areas of their lives while also giving them an emotional connection to the experience.

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She is always available for those tough questions about sleep training or how to deal with the challenges of breastfeeding – not that she’s an expert on every topic! But if you’re looking for someone who can relate to your struggles as a parent, then Amy’s here for you.

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