Tips for Turning Your Basement Into an At-Home Office

Balancing work life and home life holds a lot of similarities to a circus juggling act, especially for parents working from home. From impromptu tantrums to constant snack requests and hovering, working at home with children can be a handful and distracting. Creating a designated at-home office space allows you to set boundaries between work hours and time off. Plus, it helps organize your work gear in a centralized location and visually shows your kids when you are available or in work mode.

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If you have an empty basement waiting for its shining moment, turn this spare space into a dream workplace with a simple reno and décor transformation. Here are four tips for turning your basement into an at-home office.

Install a Bathroom

Most basements come as large, single, spacious rooms. Although the one-room floor plan works for storing purposes, adding a bathroom in the basement transforms the space into a more habitable atmosphere. Instead of walking up and down the stairs every time you need a bathroom break, installing an ensuite makes life a whole lot easier. Plus, let’s face it, making any trip to the bathroom leads to potential distractions and diversions. There’s less risk of getting pulled away or diverted as you go to the restroom if it’s near your workspace.

Insulate the Floor

The basement’s underground location and lack of heating options drop its temperature more than other rooms in your house. If you live in a seasonal area, basements brace a lot of the cold seeping in from the exterior, especially during the winter. Installing insulation on the floors makes the basement’s atmosphere more tolerable and comfortable all year round. The cozier and more content you feel in your workspace, the easier it is to focus and be productive during work hours.

Invest in a High-Quality Workstation

When working from home, you will want a workstation optimized for productivity. It’s an investment that’s worth it. You can start by buying a laptop and monitor. Making sure you have a top-quality desktop monitor in place will help you work faster and more efficiently. A dual-monitor setup is even better, as you will get to open as many tabs as you want and switch from one screen to another without having to minimize opened windows. It can do a lot to save you time and effort. You’ll also need a functional desk and a comfortable chair. Ensuring you have these in place will make your work life at home better and more enjoyable.

Add Various Lighting Options

On top of being known for their classic one-room layout and cold room temperatures, another signature quality of basements is their low lighting situation. Without windows, the basement remains a dark, enclosed box with stark lights trying to fill the space. Adding more and various lighting options to your new at-home office lights the room up and adds ambiance. Orange and warm-toned bulbs create a cozier atmosphere than white lights and mimic the glow and warmth of sunlight, further creating a comfier workspace.

Use a Cell Signal Booster

Investing in a cellular signal booster for your home allows cell service to spread throughout the house and provide quality and strong signals, no matter your location. Due to the underground placement of basements, they often receive the worst cellular reception in your home. Aside from allowing you to receive and conduct important work calls in your new at-home office, there are many more benefits to installing a cell signal booster for your basement. Plus, it keeps you connected in case of emergencies.

Turning your basement into an at-home office allows you to create some separation between work and personal life. With a designated workspace, you can keep all your work gear and paperwork in one location and stay focused during work hours. Since basements provide an extra room, they are the perfect space to transform into your at-home office.

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