Fun and Unique Activities To Do on Your Camping Trip

Need some inspiration for activities to try during your next family camping trip? Keep reading to find some fun and unique activities to do on your next camping trip. Whether it’s your first trip or your thirtieth, these camping ideas are fun for the whole family and will encourage you to spend more time together.

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Try Photography

Photography is a great outdoor activity for anyone—children and adults alike. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy taking snapshots of your camping adventures. Most modern smartphones have great camera features built into the device. Take advantage of these features and capture all the fun moments along the way during your camping journey—don’t forget to take some candid photos too.

Study Local Wildlife

Turn your camping trip into a learning experience for younger kids by studying the local wildlife. You can find everything from small creatures like bugs to larger animals like deer during camping adventures. Bring a pair of binoculars along with you, and you could even go birdwatching as a family to study local birds.

Photo by Ron Lach on

Go Stargazing

Many camping sites that your family might visit are tucked away in remote locations like forest parks and scenic areas. These spots make great locations for stargazing, something that many families who live in or outside cities get to do. The light pollution from these bustling areas makes stargazing almost impossible. Find a star chart online and see which stars and constellations you can make out during your remote camping trips.

Campfire Activities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment around the campfire. There are many family campfire activities you can share together, such as making s’mores and other snacks, telling stories, singing, and more. All you need is a safe place to start a campfire, like a designated fire pit, some kindling, and matches. Then, you can just gather your family and friends around and stay warm on a cool summer night.

Try these fun and unique camping activities on your next camping trip as a family. With these ideas in your back pocket, you won’t have to feel bored or cooped up in your tent or camper any longer.

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