Tips for Increasing Your Blood Circulation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no easy feat; you now have to take care of your own body while growing another one in your womb. Complications are common, but there are some easy ways to fix them, like increasing your blood circulation for a more comfortable pregnancy. There are multiple causes of poor blood circulation, each with its own treatment. However, you can keep these tips for improving your circulation in mind to enjoy your pregnancy more and help prevent circulation issues.

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Exercise To Increase Blood Flow

If you were a connoisseur in fitness before becoming pregnant, you don’t need to stop suddenly. Keep up with your workouts, but do not make them as extreme as you normally would. Just 30 minutes of cardio can improve your blood circulation, so go for a walk or take a swim once a day!

If you are ever unsure about the exercises you are performing, consult with your doctor to remain safe throughout the pregnancy.

Change Your Diet To Stimulate Circulation

Some spices, fruit, and dark chocolate can stimulate your blood flow circulation. Cayenne pepper or chili pepper is excellent for strengthening your arteries and blood vessels for better blood flow. If you are not a fan of spicy foods, you can take these spices in the form of easily digestible pills.

Dark chocolate allows your body to produce more nitric oxide, which protects your heart. Watermelon is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant found to improve circulation. Lastly, avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support your cardiovascular health.

Find Time for Rest and Relaxation

While sitting down all day can suppress your circulation, your feet and ankles begin to swell if you spend too much time on your feet, so resting is a must. Put your feet up as often as you can to reduce any swelling. You should also monitor your salt intake and drink more water to support your growing baby.

Reduce your stress levels even more by getting a prenatal massage, which also promotes healthy blood circulation during pregnancy.

Be conscious of what your body is telling you when you’re pregnant. Listen to your doctor and take all necessary precautions if you are at high risk for pregnancy complications. If you find no relief with these tips, try compression socks, stretching, changing your sleep position, or coordinating with your physician.

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