Arts and Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer

With the school summer break, it can be challenging for parents to keep kids busy and out of trouble. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide of some fun arts and crafts projects to do with your kids this summer!

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Seed Bombs

One of the best outdoor and eco-friendly activities you can do with your kids this summer is making seed bombs! Do your kids love plants and watching things grow? Then they’ll love making seed bombs!

All it takes to make these explosions of plant life is some recycled paper, a blender (although not required), and some seeds! Plus, they’re something you can keep doing all summer as you watch your seed bombs grow into lush plants. 

Spray bottle or Water Pistol Painting

Do your kids love playing with spray bottles or water pistols and soaking each other? Turn that energy into creative art with paint!

All it takes for this activity is some blank canvases, a few spray bottles/water pistols, and some water paint. See who can spray the most dazzling piece of abstract art, and at the end, you get multiple watercolor masterpieces to proudly display! 

Water balloon Dart Painting

Water balloons are all the rage this time of year, but what about water balloon art?

It takes a bit of prep work but it’s worth it! Buy a blank canvas, grab water balloons and fill each with 50% acrylic paint and 50% water (if you use a bottle of water and place the solution in it, shake, and then fill it’s easiest). Tie each balloon. Then tie the balloon to a sting and adhere the other side of the string to the back of the canvas. (Use duct tape). Hang each ballon at different lengths. Then let each child take turns throwing the darts at the ballons.

Popsicle Birdfeeder

Summer is popsicle season, and some kids can’t get enough of them. If you find your home going through boxes of popsicles, but those wasted popsicle sticks to use by making a birdfeeder!

They’re simple to make and put your waste to good use, and you don’t have to buy wood or hardware—you only need popsicles and some glue! Tell your kids not to throw away their popsicle sticks, and soon, you’ll have a home for birds to show for it.

DIY Tie-Dye Shirts

Many parents will say that one of the hardest things to get their kids to do is get them dressed. But that could be easier if they wear clothes that they made themselves!

Let your kids make their dazzling summer wear by having them make their own tie-dye shirts and clothes. All you need are white shirts, a couple of bucks of water and dye, and some rubber bands. They’re sure to become your kid’s new favorite shirts! 

Pro Tip: Many stores like Wal-Mart or Target offer tie-dye packages that include all the supplies you need in one box. 

Which arts and crafts activity will you do with your kids this summer? Why not do them all? That way, by the end of the summer, you’ll have new plants, a unique birdhouse, new art, and homemade shirts for your kids!

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