Art Supplies You Need To Try This Summer With Your Child

Summer is the perfect time to spend quality time with your child while they’re out of school. Doing arts and crafts together is a great way to bond and help you both grow your creativity. Using art supplies that require different techniques will inspire extra creativity and give you the opportunity to learn more about art. Keep reading to learn about the art supplies you need to try out this summer with your child.

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Paint Sticks

While many caregivers know how much kids love to paint, they also know how messy painting can be. Skip the mess but get all the creativity and fun with paint sticks. Many paint sticks resemble a tube of lipstick, making them easier for younger children to grip. Plus, they can use them on almost any surface.

They also dry much faster than traditional paint since they don’t need water, and they’re machine washable, so any accidental messes are easy to clean up.

Chalk Crayons

Lots of people like decorating sidewalks with chalk when summer rolls around, but chalk crayons allow you to make art on almost any surface. Most are the size of traditional crayons with similar wrappings for less mess. You and your child can use them to draw on glass, paper, wood, chalkboards, and almost any other surface.

While they’re not quite durable enough for the sidewalk like traditional chalk, they’re a great alternative that allows for extra creativity.

Glow-in-the-Dark Pigment Powder

Take your creative summer project to the next level with glow-in-the-dark pigment powder. This colored powder charges in direct sunlight, which is plentiful during the summer, and then glows in the dark for hours.

You can mix glow-in-the-dark pigment powder with paint or resin to make your next creative project stand out during the day and night. When buying this special powder, make sure you check micron size. The mica pearls in this powder should be between 13 and 45 microns if you want your paint, slime, or candle to glow.

Collage Items

If your child prefers a different art experience, help them make a collage with a variety of items. These can be summertime items you find outside, like leaves and flower petals, or textured items you buy, like pom poms and googly eyes.

Collages are a great opportunity for you and your child to express yourselves on paper with unique materials and allow your child to practice their gluing and fine motor skills in between school semesters.

Sculptures Supplies

If your child wants to make 3D art this summer, start looking for sculpture supplies, like popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. This is a great option for children who like traditional building toys or may be bored of the repetitive motion of painting.

Sculptures require both creativity and ingenuity, so they’re a great way to challenge your child and help them develop their spatial reasoning, all while having fun and making art.

Paint sticks, chalk crayons, glow-in-the-dark pigment powder, collage items, and sculpture supplies are some of the best art supplies you need to try this summer with your child.

They will help your child develop gross and fine motor skills along with giving them an opportunity to uniquely express themselves, which you will enjoy too.

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