Where Is the Best-Tasting Salmon Found in the World?

When you’re dining out and you order salmon, you know you’re in for a treat. No matter how it’s prepared, salmon is always sure to delight the palate with its richness and firm texture. It makes for the perfect entrée, especially when paired with any dressing or sauce. 

Top-quality restaurants will always tell you where they source their salmon. This gives customers a significant advantage in knowing just how excellent the fish will be. This then begs the question of where you can find the best-tasting salmon in the world. Let’s explore this question together to see where you can find the best salmon.

Photo by Mikele Sobrevilla on Pexels.com

Scotland and Wales

Scotland is unique because offers not just one but two of the world’s best salmon varieties: Scottish white salmon and Scottish farmed salmon. Just south of Scotland, in Wales, the West Wales salmon is also considered one of the world’s finest salmon. 

Photo by Ruslan Khmelevsky on Pexels.com


Norway is a country known for its fishing, so by no surprise does it appear on this list. Norwegian salmon is considered a top-shelf variety, and if you ever find yourself in Norway or anywhere that’s serving this fish, you should order nothing else. Otherwise, you’ll truly be missing out on an experience that you may never have again. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com


And coming in the first place is the United States, specifically Alaska. This area is famous for its fantastic fishing, and many people travel to the state annually for this reason. Alaskan salmon is among the highest-quality salmon in the world, and you’ll find five world-class varieties throughout the state, from king and sockeye to coho, chum, and pink. There’s no shortage of this high-end delicacy in Alaska.

Now that you know where you can find the best salmon in the world, you’ll always know what to order while dining out!

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