DIY vs. Professional Facials: What You Need To Know

There is so much that goes into maintaining healthy skin, and facials can be an effective way to ensure you’re getting all the proper care for your face. Facial products often contain chemicals that can be harmful if misused, which is why it’s sometimes best to opt for facials performed by trained professionals. These experts know how to work with different skin issues and how each ingredient works with others. If you are on the fence regarding DIY and professional facials, here is what you need to know.

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Multiple Products

Many skin issues require using more than one product to fix the problem; combining products can be beneficial as the ingredients work together to give you healthy, glowing skin. However, there is some risk involved in trying out combinations at home. If your unique skin issues require the use of multiple chemicals, you will benefit from a professional facial.

Professional Treatments

When it comes to professional facials, you need to know that they are more likely to use stronger ingredients than DIY treatments. While this may seem like an obvious point, it’s an important one. There are many reasons why commercial facials are more effective than those you do at home. For example, most professionals have been trained in the art of giving intricate facials, including microdermabrasion treatments. Estheticians understand which ingredients work best for different skin types and conditions; they also know how to apply them effectively, which matters for certain active ingredients.

Travel Requirements

At-home facials can be easier than commercial facials because you don’t need an appointment, and you don’t need to go anywhere. Instead, you can do any treatments in the comfort of your home and not worry about getting lost, arriving late, or paying for parking.

Gentle cleansing and moisturizing masks are great at-home treatments. Use any knowledge you have of your skin to choose products that target your issues. Also, consider reading negative product reviews for any standout concerns or reactions others may warn about.

Skin Health

Facials are meant to be used regularly. If your skin needs it, and you can afford them, schedule a professional treatment every month or two. In between, follow a regular beauty regimen to keep your skin healthy.

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