How To Care for Your Car After a Long Road Trip

Before leaving on a road trip, you look at your car and think about all the maintenance it needs before you can start your long drive. What about the maintenance after the road trip? When you pull up in your driveway, you want to unpack, start laundry, and try to keep the space clean. But your car also needs proper attention so that you can continue driving it safely even after your vacation.

Continue reading to learn more about how to care for your car after a long road trip.

Check Fluid Levels

You fill up on fluids like coolant and oil before you leave for your trip, but checking the fluid levels when you return home is just as important. Check and top off fluids, including the oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and even windshield wiper fluid.

Remember that if you see anything unusual during this check, take your car to a professional who can help!

Deep Clean Inside the Car

There’s food on the floors, sticky drinks on the seats, and trash everywhere. The inside of your vehicle needs a deep cleaning.

First, take out all the luggage and important items you brought along on the trip that you don’t need in the car. Then, take out all the trash and toss it away. Next, take a vacuum and clean up the floorboards and loose dirt on the seats. Afterward, use a wet washcloth or a cleaning spray to wipe down any stains on the seats.

Hand Car Wash

You washed your car before the trip, but now there’s tons of dirt and maybe even some small scratches that weren’t there before. Instead of running it through an automatic wash, take your time and hand wash your vehicle. Hand car washes are better than automatic washes if you want to keep the exterior of your vehicle beautiful.

Inspect Your Tires

Your tires endure significant wear after driving long distances, so they’re the first thing you should inspect. The tread should appear worn evenly. If it appears uneven, consider having a mechanic rotate your tires.

The next thing to inspect is the tire pressure. After all, you don’t want to experience a flat tire. Inspecting the tires for any damages is the best way to ensure you drive safely after your family road trip.

Road trips are fun family adventures, but they can be messy and rough on your vehicle. After a long road trip, knowing how to care for your car is the best way to drive safely and prolong the vehicle’s lifespan.

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