Interesting Ways To Get Guests Talking at Your Dinner Party

Dinner parties are when you invite friends, coworkers, or even family over to have a nice meal together and hang out. However, eating food isn’t all that you’ll be doing. You’ll likely end up talking about work, life, careers, etc., but these conversations can grow dull. Read on to learn how to get your guests to talk about something more interesting at your dinner party.

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Play Some New Games

This can be hard to do with dinner, but before and after the meal are great times to get everyone to play a new game. Some tabletop board games are fun and create engaging conversations, but they can be challenging for novices and are a significant time sink. The better alternative for cozy parties with questionable time commitments is card games, like Uno, and conversation games, like Apples to Apples. These games are great for letting people have fun and giving everyone a chance to show off their wit and creativity.

Get Some Interesting Art

A great conversation starter that you can bring to your dinner parties is some art. Just by having some art around, whether they are paintings from your kids or animal sculptures you have as your centerpiece, your guests are sure to take note. The conversation is just one benefit of investing in art, and your guests will surely have their fair share of questions about the piece. They’ll want to know the meaning behind the work, the artist, how you obtained it, and where they can get their own. Seeing the piece will also encourage them to discuss their own art pieces or opinions, which will lead to even more conversations.

Provoke With Complicated Topics

Now, this point may seem a little controversial, and that’s somewhat the point. While people may love to say they don’t like talking about religion, politics, or salaries, deep down, they can’t get enough. You should never just ask people their opinion, but you can open up some dialogue by probing about different news topics and seeing people’s opinions. While this is a good conversation starter, you must also serve as a mediator and ensure that nothing gets too out of hand. You want your guests to be comfortable, but you have to also guarantee that things are entertaining and thought-provoking, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

These interesting ways to get guests talking at your dinner party are sure to entertain your guests and have them asking when the next party will be. On top of serving delicious food that fills their stomachs, you also have to satiate their appetite for conversation, and these are the best ways to do it.

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