The 5 Most Common Occupations Your Children Dream of Doing

Every adult in the working world had a dream job when they were growing up. Even today, adults still wish they could find their dream job as they work tirelessly for something they don’t have a passion for. But your kids are a different story because they can still achieve those dreams. You can help them reach for the stars and find employment in one of the five most common occupations your children dream of doing. 

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A Passion for the Arts

It’s easy for a child to dream about the bright lights in a big city or see their name in a movie’s opening credits, which is why many kids dream about being an actor. Even though there have been several horror stories of child actors that went down the wrong path, it’s hard not to support their ambitious aspirations of being a star. Getting a taste of it early on in a school production will give them the itch they can hopefully scratch down the road. 

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Another profession that’s easy to fall in love with at a young age is becoming a professional athlete. Of the five jobs on this list, this is likely the most difficult one to achieve. But that doesn’t stop them from daydreaming about winning the World Series or Super Bowl. 

If they fall short of stepping on the playing field but still love sports, becoming an announcer is a good compromise between being an actor and an athlete, considering you are an entertainer in the sporting world. And if your kiddo becomes one of the most well-known broadcasters, they will have a career that could last decades. 

Fly Like an Eagle

Soaring through the sky like a superhero may not be in the cards for your youngster. So, becoming a pilot is the logical step to steer them in the right direction. Something about flying a plane or helicopter tickles most children’s fancy. It’s hard to argue against them, considering it will let them see all this fine world has to offer. 

Teach ‘Em Up

The good news is that the two most common choices are attainable, with teaching coming in at the number two spot. It’s sweet that children look at their teachers like superheroes who can save the day. Little do they know how underpaid and underappreciated teachers are as adults, but that’s hard to see through rose-colored glasses. 

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs 

If there is a consensus among children, it’s that a vast majority of them love animals. Therefore, becoming a veterinarian is number one on this list of dream jobs for kids. While hanging out with animals all day sounds cool to a wide-eyed optimist, they may regret this decision when they must do the unthinkable to a furry friend. Since there’s nothing sadder than an animal dying in a movie, it’s hard to imagine doing that daily. Nevertheless, kids love the idea of becoming a vet, and who says we should stop them? 

Your kids have various reasons they want to explore one of the five most common occupations your children dream of doing. Whether it’s fame, money, or making a positive difference in this world, we hope they can become one of the four percent of people who say they have their dream job. 

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