5 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Pets

Your pets are adorable, so it’s only natural to want to snap some photos of their cutest moments. However, pet photography can be trickier than you’d think. Here are some tips for taking great pictures of your pets.

Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

Find Some Natural Light

Natural light makes photos look lovely and well-lit. Using a flash can startle your pet or cause the reflects in their eyes to flare, especially if you’re photographing a kitty. It’s best to stick to taking photos while they’re lying in the sunshine.

Take Photos Faster

Pets are always in motion, so taking more pictures in rapid succession will allow you to get sharp images rather than blurry ones. If you’re shooting with a camera, use a high shutter speed to get those photos tack sharp.

If you’re shooting with your phone, burst mode will be your best friend. Focus tracking should also help you keep your pet in focus.

Focus on the Eyes

Just like with human portraits, it’s essential to get the eyes in focus. If your pet’s eyes are blurry, the picture won’t look right. When taking pictures on your phone, tapping the eye can bring it into focus.

It also helps to get down to your pet’s eye level. Otherwise, it can look as though you are looming over them. Getting down to their eye level can create a much cozier photo.

Work With a Professional Pet Groomer

If you’re taking photos of your pets, it’s essential to have them looking their best. Hiring a grooming service to wash and brush them before your photoshoot is an excellent way to ensure they look their best.

After all, you don’t want to go through the effort of taking lovely, crisp photos of them only to discover that your pet has muddy fur or crazy nails.

With these tips, you’re sure to be taking great photos of your fur babies in no time.

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