New Traditions To Try With Your Kids Every Year

Every family has their standard traditions, but there’s always room for something new and different. You want to make memories and traditions with your kids so that they can carry on with their children. Check out these new traditions to try with your kids every year.

Family Talent Show

A family talent show is unbelievably fun. There will be nothing but laughs and anticipation leading up to the day. Make it a requirement that every member of the family has to come up with a new talent every year, so everyone will be excited to see what everyone else’s talent is.

With this rule, you force your family to step outside their comfort zones. You all get a chance to learn something new and possibly develop a new skill. Remember that everyone is a winner; all participants should leave feeling good about themselves.

A Community Project

It’s good to give back. And more importantly, it’s good to teach your children to give back. Not everyone in the world is as fortunate as your family, and showing your kids that will teach them to be humble, grateful, and generous.

Have a tradition where every year, you guys pick a charity to participate in. If you want, you can even rotate years. Every family member gets a chance to choose a charity, and everyone has to participate. Try to cast out a wide scope so that it’s always a new experience.

A New Experiment

Who said those traditions can’t be educational? They can be, and most of them should be. Consider doing an annual experiment with your kids so that they can get their hands dirty. Science is one of the best subjects for that.

If you want to stick to the same experiment every year and build on it, that’s fine too. Some experiments, like model rockets, are great for that. You can reuse a model rocket several times as long as you take good care of it and improve the design every year.

Learn New Recipes

Cooking is always a good tradition to pass down, and it’s one of the most practical ones. Everyone needs to eat, and showing your kids how to cook new dishes will teach them useful skills. This tradition will also teach them how to take care of themselves when the time comes.

Furthermore, there’s some education that goes into cooking, especially baking. Go to a bookstore together, pick out a cookbook, and try to do every recipe with each other. This can be a monthly activity instead of an annual one.

Coming up with and trying out new traditions with your kids every year will never feel like a chore when you make them fun.

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