Tips for Layering Your Bedding for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting plenty of rest helps you stay awake the next day, maintain your health, and improve your mental well-being. For those who want to ensure they don’t wake up in the middle of the night, it’s essential to think about how you use your blankets and pillows. Here are a few tips for layering your bedding for a good night’s sleep.

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Decide How Many Layers You Want

The number of layers you use will depend on what you have available, the time of year, and your personal preferences. Some people prefer to use fewer layers when it’s hot and pile on something warmer once the colder weather sets in.

Generally, layers fall into three main categories: sheets, blankets, and covers. Sheets should go on the bottom, with more oversized blankets on top. Use covers for the mattress and pillows to make them more comfortable.

Use Fitted Sheets

Most beds will use both a flat and fitted sheet. A fitted sheet protects the mattress from getting dirty and improves overall comfort. 

It’s essential to ensure your fitted sheets are the right size for your bed, so there aren’t any twists or lumps. Taking the time to ensure the sheets are firmly in place will make it easier to get everything else in place. 

Make It More Comfortable

If you want to go beyond the basics, there are simple ways to make your bed more comfortable. A mattress pad, for instance, can give you some extra cushioning and support, helping you get a better night’s rest. 

For added warmth, add a quilt or duvet. Uncomfortable bedding can prevent you from sleeping soundly, but with these additions, your bed will look nicer when it’s made and feel more comfortable when you climb it at night. 

Change Your Bedding Regularly

Your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases constantly absorb moisture; after a couple of weeks, they’ll have soaked up a lot of sweat and skin oils. When bedding gets dirty, it’s much harder to get comfortable, making achieving a good night’s sleep nearly impossible.

Changing your bedding regularly is a good idea to ensure everything stays crisp and fresh. Consider changing things out more often during the warmer months, as keeping things clean will help lessen your exposure to allergens. 

Layer Your Bed Properly To Get the Rest You Need

It can be hard to get through the day when you haven’t had enough sleep. Setting your bed up can significantly affect how rested you feel in the morning.

Layering your bedding for a good night’s sleep can go a long way in improving your well-being and long-term health.

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