How Parents Can Stay Warm for Spring Sports

Being a supportive parent is part of the job description. And if your child is participating in spring sports, you must do your best to go to every game or event. However, the weather may have you regretting not signing them up for indoor sports. Here is how parents can stay warm for spring sports.

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Use Layers

The weather in the Midwest fluctuates so much that you may feel all four seasons in one day. A cloudy, frosty morning may turn into a scorcher when the sun makes an appearance. These drastic changes may also occur during your child’s baseball game, and you don’t want to miss the crack of the bat because you’re going to the car to grab an additional layer.

For that reason, go to the game dressed in the appropriate clothing. Wear layers so you can be warm for the cold spurts and easily remove items when it gets warmer.

It’s wise to look up the weather for the game to know what you should expect. If you know it might rain, bring a raincoat or poncho that will keep you dry.

Padded Seating

Sitting on frigid metal bleachers will keep you feeling cold. You can get around this in a few different ways. The most common solution is to bring a seat cushion or small fold-out chair. Another way to minimize the cold without spending a dime is sitting on cardboard or Styrofoam. The thicker, the better. 

Protect Vulnerable Body Parts

It’s easy to stay warm when you’re active on the field, but it’s challenging to keep warm as a spectator. Your extremities are highly susceptible to the chill, especially if you’re sitting for long periods. Grab a pair of gloves with a warm lining and hand warmers to keep your fingers warm. For your feet and toes, wool socks and waterproof footwear do wonders. The last thing you want is damp feet because there is nothing you can do to shake that uncomfortable feeling.

Invest in a Canopy 

Many spring athletic contests don’t have bleachers to sit on, or there isn’t enough space for you to sit comfortably. Thus, many folks bring chairs to watch their kid play their best. 

It can be a bear to deal with windy conditions during the spring. You can try coordinating with other parents to invest in a canopy, which will limit the wind chill effect. Huddling together can only help the situation, but it helps to do it with people you consider friends!

Learning how parents can stay warm for spring sports makes the unbearable feel better. So, go ahead and grab a thermos of delicious hot chocolate and a seat cushion and cheer your heart out. 

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