Valentine’s Day: 12 Date Nights in/near Toledo

Since there is so much commotion the morning of Valentine’s Day, with the kiddos treats, valentines for school, and this year we actually received a few inches of snow (like the third time this year, extremely unusual for Northwest Ohio, we usually get good amount of snow) so the kiddos needed to pack their shoes and wear their boots.  Since we were fortunate enough to receive some snow most school districts around here had a 2 hour delay.  That is all but the two where our kiddos attend school.  So this mama’s bus needed to leave on time.   As I dropped them off to school it was hilarious hearing the choir of frustrated mommies walking their kiddos into school. One mommy who was walking behind us, through the snow, in her tennis shoes, carrying a 24 pack of water expressed to her son that he needed to sign up for napkins next time. Another mom yelled to her son who was distracted by the snow to help his younger sister carry all her valentines stuff into school. That mom must have repeated “HELP HER” roughly 4 times before he finally did help her.  In a weird sort of way it kind of felt like we were all part of this exclusive club due to the crazy circumstances of the morning that bonded us.   

That evening we exchanged Valentine’s gifts.  We had dinner in the dinning room, we decorated the table, and the kiddos got all dressed up for the occasion (they dressed as a princess, a bride, and our little man was dressed as a mutation of Thor, Spider Man, and a Power Ranger).  We had Linguine (Whole Grain & Protein….shhh) with Alfredo sauce and a Salad.  After we finished eating we exchanged gifts.

Our daughter gave us this beautiful poem with her hand prints on it.  And yes, there was water works; those darn words were so beautiful and true.  I dare you to read it without getting misty eyed.

Our son gave us a nice collage of doily on heart with a cute poem.  Thought, not as moving as my daughter’s it was still sentimental.

For my husband’s gift I place a 12 pack of Yuengling (they started selling it in Ohio like a month ago, so it is still kind of a big deal), his favorite, in a tool box and added 12 pink hearts. Each bottle had a pink heart on it with a future date night that we would be sharing (just wanted to clarify). Since we always plan on date night but it seems like they never occur I figured what better way to actually get them on the calendar. So I am promised at least 12 dates over the course of a year, one a month.  I tried to come up with fun and exciting dates that we could enjoy together, they include:

Planet Rock (learn how to rock climb, HELLO, Awesome!!)

Clelands (Shooting Range. It is important to have knowledge of firearms and I know he will enjoy this one.)

Toledo Museum of Art’s, It’s Friday!! (There are various exhibits that come to the museum so I think I will decide which one sounds interesting and we can get a babysitter, a glass of wine, and walk the Art Museum Galleries and special exhibit, I can’t wait!!)

A walk through Wildwood …….(A walk in the park and maybe even a picnic in the park?)

In 2 Art…… (Paint pottery)

Volunteer at Cherry St. Mission….. (Pick up leftover food from local businesses or volunteer to serve food at the shelter)

Belamere Suites for a Romantic overnight……. (Their suites have a private garage, fire-place, whirlpool, walk-in shower for two, and fresh muffins and coffee delivered to your door in the morning.  Last time we stayed I was preggo.  We sat in the whirlpool eating candy watching the fire and television; it was a pregnant woman’s dream come true. I am thinking we might stay here in Dec. around his b-day)

Wine Tasting… (This is self-explanatory)

Couples Massage….(We get a massage at the same time. Nothing kinky, just back massages at the same time)

Horseback Riding…(I am still on the hunt for a location for this date. Apparently everyone thinks you want to learn about horses and clean them and stuff. No thank you, I just want to ride them.)

Super Suppers Cooking Class (This looks like fun, it is just one class and you learn some basic techniques.)

Funny Bone Comedy Club (I will let him decide what comedian he would like to see, this is guaranteed to be a fun night.)

My hubby got me a delicious box of chocolates from Christie’s Candies & Mints.  One word describes their chocolates, AMAZING! First thing I did when I opened my box of nuts covered in dark chocolate (Haha) was take in that amazing aroma.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh chocolate, the prepackaged chocolates just can’t compete.

I have done the responsible thing and only devoured them one handful a day.  They are just sooo good!!

For dessert I made cupcakes that surprisingly did not get eaten.  The entire family ate chocolates, poor cupcakes, but how can they compete with chocolates? Those chocolates are so good, they make you want to live a better lifestyle so you can be around longer to devour them, ha-ha.


So, what did you get your Valentine?


Valentine’s Day….Hello Kitty Cookie pops…Lego men, and more!

I realize I have been M.I.A. but we have been busy.  So busy that I am tired so I will keep the typing to a minimum and let the pictures speak for themselves.

I recovered from the whole cake pop incident and moved onto cookies.  Instead of Hello Kitty cake pops my daughter was quite pleased with the idea of a cookie on a stick (honestly, I think if you put anything on a stick a kid would eat it, I think I might try Brussels sprouts on a stick ). So we made Hello Kitty cookies on a stick and attached cute Hello Kitty valentines to each.

Our son is in preschool and he was excited about giving Lego Men chocolates to his friends. So Friday night we (mommy) and made Lego Men Chocolates from a Mold. I had a tough time keeping these little tasty men out of everyone’s mouths (again, not meant to be dirty, what is my deal!)

Then it was onto the next exciting task, the 100th day of school, 100 things (kindergarteners bring 100 things to school).  We talked for a little while about what she wanted to bring in and we decided we would see what options the craft store mihgt have. I have made the mistake of walking around in a craft store with my kindergartener, miss crafty kiddo herslef, a few times.  She and I are double trouble when we walk into Hobby Lobby. We often walk out 3 hours later, with three times the amount of items we initially planned on purchasing. My husband jokes (kinda, although I think he is partially serious) that all of our money goes to that darn store. So this time I was smart and discussed various ideas before I went, with my mom, while she attended a Toledo Walleye Hockey Game with the rest of our extended family.

I purchased my first hot glue gun, an exciting moment in a mom’s life (especially a mom that can’t sew, but I am hoping to learn). I also purchased a youth shirt and 100+ jewels to glue onto the shirt, it looked cool and our daughter was ecstatic and eager to wear it to school.

When I picked her up from school today she had a 100th day crown (again, something kids love so much) on her head and a huge smile on her face. She informed me that 7 of her jewels fell of but she still liked having the shirt (so much for the glue gun, looks like I will have to bite the bullet and learn how to sew. No more duct tape and glue guns).

The kiddos are so excited to pass out their valentine’s and have their parties; I can’t wait to hear all about their days when I pick them up tomorrow. God, I love being a mom and thank you for entrusting me with these 3 amazing blessings. Each day brings new adventures and much gratitude.

Happy Valentine’s Day,