Latest Fashion Obsession & LulaRoe Giveaway!!!

This morning I find myself deeply conflicted. I am sitting her, sipping coffee, and literally daydreaming about leggings, yes, I said leggings! I fear I may lose all self-control. My willpower is weakening by the hour. If I don’t give them away soon I am busting those suckers open and wearing them!!! You are probably thinking I have officially lost it, and perhaps I have, but I don’t want to go back to the way life was pre-LulaRoe!! My obsession started a couple days ago.

The leggings arrived in an ordinary, kinda plain, quiet, packaging, totally the opposite of the items held within. I tore that sucker open like a kid on Christmas morning. No tip-toeing around the adhesive side gracefully opening it, nope, when I was done with it you couldn’t even make out what it was originally. But I couldn’t help myself, I could hear the loud screams of the stylish leggings held within, I had to set them free, I had to see the funky, fun, fashionable designs! It was love at first sight! But wait, it gets better!



I tried them on and it was unlike any experience I have ever had with a pair of leggings! They were so unbelievably comfortable!! They felt the way my naked legs used to feel before I got married, when I would spend a crap load of money on fancy razors, shaving creams, and lotions, when I used to shave my entire legs. They were so silky smooth, like butter!! Clearly this was a match made in heaven because only the angels could have created something this magnificent! I never ended up taking that first pair off, I couldn’t go back, I had experienced comfort on a heavenly level; there was no way I was going back! I wore them all day and not once did I have to tug, adjust, or remove a wedgie. I was officially hooked and it wasn’t just me, they also have them for little girls. My little fashionista has request her entire wardrobe be LulaRoe!! (She slept in her legging, I had to beg her to take them off for bath time).




So you are probably wondering why the conflict? These LulaRoe legging sound amazing, why would I be remotely conflicted? Because I have two sweet pair sitting up on my nightstand right now, they look amazing, feel amazing, but they are not for me, I am going to share….I. AM. GOING. TO. SHARE!….I might still be trying to convince myself of that fact! I am not a selfish person, honest, I share everything, clothes, food, house, everything but my pillow & toothbrush (those are sacred!), but I fear I may have to add my LulaRoe to that short list! You can’t judge if you have never tired a pair, you just wouldn’t understand! Thus, I wasn’t going to run this giveaway until next week but my willpower is weakening by the hour! They are just so comfortable, stylish, compliment attractors, etc. Oh the agony! They have got to go, now!

Here is a pic of these sweet treats….talk about eye candy! Lol!


Both are sized Tall & Curvy, recommended for sizes 10-22. If you have long legs you are gonna love these, they actually cover your entire leg not just to the mid-calve.

To enter the giveaway for 2 sweet pairs of LulaRoe leggings complete the following steps:

  1. Go look in the mirror, smile, (there, that’s better) now repeat these words “Lookin good beautiful!”
  2. Share this post with a friend and include the following message, “You are amazing! Saw these and thought of you, you deserve something stylish & comfortable!”
  3. Lastly, post a comment below sharing your favorite fashion trend EVER!!

Winner will be randomly selected January 12th @ 11:59pm and winner’s name will be posted on the blog and Facebook page the 13th. Good Luck!! (giveaway limited to US states, excludes Alaska & Hawaii)

I am off to do some more shopping! CLICK HERE to Shop Jacque & Cindy’s LulaRoe Group.  What’s on my list? Why more leggings of course, thinking I need one for each day of the week and my little fashionista needs at least one if not three twirly dresses!! Eee!! We are going to be styling this year, 2016 won’t know what hit it! Lol!