Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you to Enchanted Seashells for nominating my blog! I am happy to say I have been blogging for one year and have found it to be extremely rewarding. I have grown quite fond of the blogging community; I have learned so much from other bloggers, in particular blogging moms.  I have come across some fantastic books, arts & crafts, kiddo activity ideas, and even received some fantastic advice and suggestions from other bloggers and followers. I so appreciate all of you taking the time out of your busy day to check in and see what Mom on the go in Holy Toledo is up to!


According to the rules, I need to thank the blogger that nominated me (thank you again Enchanted Seashells), add the nomination logo (done), list seven things about myself:

 1. Faith- As the years pass I am learning that my faith is what eliminates anxiety and brings about a peaceful state of mind. Once you learn to let go of the worries and the materialistic anchors the world is a much more beautiful place.

 2. Family- family is my fortitude; it is amazing how much life changes once you have children. My grandfather once said his life didn’t start until he had children and I understand what he meant now. Life really moves fast when you have little ones depending on you. I love being a mom, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not thank God for entrusting me with these 3 amazing little souls.

3. I am more than what I do…I am an Environmental Interior Designer but that is not who I am, but rather, one of my passions in life.  I want this planet to be a better place for my great-great-great grandchildren because I was on it.

 4. I have always enjoyed journalism, in fact my goal in college was to one day be a writer for an Interior Design Magazine. I admire the comfort, power, and strength that journalism and words in general provide.

 5. I love a good intellectual conversation. I like it when I come across an individual who can have an opposing viewpoint than I and we can have civilized conversations and learn from one another.

 6. If I won the lottery I would love the opportunity to anonymously pay off friends and family’s bills. How cool would that be to just wake up one day and your house has been paid off. That would be a fantastic opportunity but I suppose I should start playing the lottery first, lol!

 7. I have found the key to lifelong happiness, you ready? You might want to write this one down, Forgiveness! It has taken me sometime but I have found that forgiveness allows you to remove the metaphorical weight off your shoulders or chest and to breathe, to be unshackled from the grudges that can eat you up inside. You may think that grudge is harming the other person but the truth is the only person you are harming is yourself. Work on letting go and forgiving, it is the most freeing thing you can do for yourself.



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