Minnie Mouse Party & Get up in my Business

I know I have been MIA for the past week. I have been busy with the usual, driving kiddos around, homework, mediating sibling quarrels, repeatedly cleaning up the same messes (if I had a quarter for every piece of dog food that doesn’t make it into our dog’s mouth I would be halfway to a millionaire!), etc. And in my free time (I just made myself lol! Free time, what is that!?), let’s be honest, it is more like on my in-between drop-offs and pickups I run into stores that are on my route (I totally sound like a bus drive, ha-ha!) for party supplies! Because someone turned 3 a month and a half ago, thank goodness we were blessed with a patient 3 year old.

After one year and one and a half months later today was finally her birthday party! The theme she selected was Minnie Mouse, she is a HUGE fan.

minnieparty 105

And as is standard operating procedure for motherhood, I have decided to kill two birds with one stone. See not only do I want to share my daughter’s long awaited birthday party with you but I also would like to share some exciting news with you….A dear friend and I are launching Kater 2 Kidz Parties & Designs!!

How it works is pretty simple and ingenious if I do say so myself, and I do! Since moms are really busy with their daily routines finding time to plan a party (any party…baby shower, birthday, end of school, Halloween, Christmas, you name it and we will Kater to your Kidz), let alone go shopping for all the essentials is practically impossible and exhausting. Thus, what if someone else did all the leg work for you, went shopping for every last single detail? What if all you had to do was say what the theme was for the party and then 24 hours before the party everything required magically arrived at your doorstep? EVERYTHING! Right down to tape, scissors, and removable hooks. We are talking, food, goody bags, decorations, napkins, and all those cutesy little things that really make a party pop delivered to your doorstep. Everything you see here (see images below).

minnieparty 008

minnieparty 033

As you can see our parties are not the run of the mill Party City inspired gathering. We are providing a higher caliber party, more like a classic DIY worthy to be Pinned a dozen times over on Pinterest Party. Details are important like labels and all the frills.

minnieparty 021

minnieparty 016

minnieparty 004

Each of the party packages comes with 2 activities, one being a craft that each party attendee can take home. For this party the craft was decorating the goody bag. The Lazy Susan in the center has a variety of items that the kiddos used to decorate their goody bags.

minnieparty 041

For the activities the kiddos chased after bubbles and danced and played musical instruments (the attendees ranged in age from 1-4 so the activities were age appropriate). During the activities each child received bubbles and maraca to add to their goody bags.

minnieparty 078

After burning all that energy it was time for the piece de la resistance, cake!

minnieparty 083

And then gifts! How adorable is that hat! Now our little lady can continue to wear her Minnie ears into the winter months while still keeping her ears warm.

minnieparty 098

Get up in my Business…

Now it is time for you to please get up in my business and share your thoughts on Kater 2 Kidz. Please be honest. I admire, appreciate, and respect your opinions (and your advice always rocks). So, what do you think of the concept of Kater 2 Kidz? Do you like the idea of all the party essentials literally being dropped off at your doorstep? Would you be interested in booking a party with Kater 2 Kidz? Are there any components that you do not agree with?

Weddings that welcome Children

It is that time of year again, wedding season! I become a kid in a candy store when I see the elegant envelopes in our mail box. I tear them open like a child delving into their gifts Christmas morning eager to see what’s inside.  The paper, fonts, and phrases so delicately and gracefully announce the future union of husband and wife.  I am an advocate for marriage and I realize the time, energy, disagreements, financial obligations, and work that goes into a wedding.  So when I open that envelope and see that I have been invite to witness such a magical, holy, and emotional union I am truly honored.   In fact, it rather makes my day; I find it difficult to remove the grin from my face. That is until I finish reading all the wedding ceremony and reception details.  I am finding that these days the invitations far too often include the following words, ADULTS ONLY. It is then that the huge grin on my face fades to a frown.

As a child I remember attending weddings, becoming excited when the entire church rose as the gorgeous bride walked down the aisle in her breathtaking gown.  I remember the magic that occurred when they exchanged vows and were announced Mr. and Mrs. The experience of attending weddings encouraged a dialog about marriage, why we marry, and the importance of marriage. In fact; children attended so many weddings back then that they could actually pretend to get married and make that pretend wedding look pretty realistic.  These days’ children are not welcomed to weddings like they used to be, which I find moronic.  Forgive me if I am wrong, but isn’t one of the purposes for the union of husband and wife to bear children, have a family?

Marriage is already getting a bad rap. A considerable amount of people prefer to “shack up” instead of proclaim a commitment before God, family, friends, and future generations.  Apparently, at least based upon one television show, Whitney, the reason they prefer to “shack up” is because it is nice to know your partner is there because they love you, not because of a piece of paper.  Funny, I wonder how that “love” will hold up when you are deathly ill, when you lose your job and are caught up in financial woes, when you have to care for an ailing parent, when you are up 5 times in one night with a sick child, when you are so exhausted that you can’t give one more ounce to another individual.  It is in those moments that the union, bond, promise, COMMITMENT comes into play. That euphoric love feeling does fade but COMMITMENT, UNION, PROMISE and VOWS are what maintain the relationship through the tough times and make the good times that much more enjoyable.

Thus, with society portraying that it is okay to live with a person, that marriage isn’t necessary, it disheartened me that much more when I glance down at a Wedding invitation and see ADULTS ONLY. It seems like the New Age or, sadly, what has become a rather unorthodox thing to do these days is to invite children to a wedding, which is why I would like to give praise to my cousin and his wife for going against the grain and inviting children to attend their wedding.

Our kiddos can’t stop talking about their wedding; they had such a wonderful time and will remember it always. In fact, that was the first wedding 2 of our kiddos had ever attended and only the second that our eldest had attended. Our son was very excited for the entire process, he felt so special to be a part of something so monumental. He had so many wonderful questions that would have otherwise never been brought up without the experience of attending a wedding. The highlights of the evening, from a child’s perspective was, the beautiful bride (I agree, her dress was gorgeous, it looked vintage and her makeup and hair complemented the dress perfectly), trolley, bubbles (hello, a child’s dream come true, bubbles at church, AWESOME!), the Wedding Day Fun activities packet & crayons, the chocolate covered mint Oreos, the photo booth (they had a blast with the hats, glasses, etc.), cake, and dancing! I have to admit, I think those were my favorites too, in addition to the amazing itinerary provided that included various local destinations to pass time between the ceremony and reception.  Those included fun family destinations such as, Firehouse Museum, Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, Curtis Park, Ypsilanti Riverside Parke, and more. I also really enjoyed the venue, Wellers Inc. was gorgeous, a wonderful backdrop for pictures outside and inviting décor inside.

Five minutes after we left the reception….and yes, our little man is still wearing his medal from the Olympics held at his preschool two weeks ago.

Congratulations to Rob and Desiree!!

May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.


What are your thoughts regarding children at weddings?  For it….against it…..indifferent?