Safe way to add some Christmas Joy for Kids at Lucas County Children’s Services

Hello everyone! I am sponsoring a book drive for Lucas County Children Services thru my Usborne book business. All donations will be matched at 50% with more free books! Please donate the gift of reading, it is something these children can take with them wherever they go! These children are pulled from their homes with nothing. A book can be full of comfort, laughter, “another world”, and support all of which can help with hard transitions! I have a family member who is going thru this right now, and we sent a care package as a family. Many of these children have no one to help them outside of Children Services! Lets get books into these children’s hands

Thank you,


Why Usborne Books are one of the best gifts to give kiddos this year…..

6+ hours daily, 30+ hours during the week, & 8+ hours of screen time on the weekends and that’s just for school! That doesn’t include all the extracurriculars that are on Zoom, Google, Skype & Facetime or their social lives that seem to be strictly on screens these days since kiddos can’t play in-person. Thus, ask any kid what they want as a reward and chances are it’s no longer more screen time. In fact, my kiddos have so much screen fatigue that they’ve actually requested technology free days. And for Christmas they’ve asked for books, not a book online, not an audio book, an actual book they can hold. Once I heard this I knew precisely where I needed to go for a broad variety of topics, titles, ages, reading levels, and most importantly QUALITY books (yes, Scholastic has cheap books, but they are cheap books, I’ve had to literally throw a few away after a bit of liquid spilt on them)…I prefer to invest in our home library. If you’re looking to invest in your Home Library this Christmas then Usborne Books has you covered! 

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