Happy Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to our little Power Ranger! We had so much fun I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, we partied ALL Day!

The day started off with our birthday boy entering the kitchen and being greeted by his new set of golf clubs and a brand-spanking-new Red Power Ranger Costume!

Followed by a Family favorite tradition, doughnut BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST!! We only purchase donuts for birthday breakfasts that way they are a real special treat for the family to enjoy together.


Then we were off to story time at the library and yes, since it was his birthday I allowed him to wear his Power Ranger costume. Mind you it got up to like 93 degrees and I am sure that costume adds at least 5 more, that material does not breathe, but he didn’t care, in his mind he was a Power Ranger for his birthday! Notice the power ranger in the crowd of kids?….


After story time we met up with my family at the Docks for lunch. And yes, he was still wearing his Power Ranger costume and by now I made certain he rehydrated every half hour or so.

We ended up eating at El Vaquero, a Mexican restaurant.  As luck would have it, on your birthday they place a Sombrero on your head and sing to you. Cool, right!?!  That’s what I thoughts. But no, he was not in the least bit excited.  He sat there with a look of disgust as his cheeks turned as red as the Sombrero on his head and the tears began to well within his eyes. Not the reaction I had anticipated. When I asked why he was not happy he explained, “They sang the whole song in Spanish. It is my birthday and I want them to see in American”.

So after walking along the water for a few minutes we headed to the pool where our now sweat doused Power Ranger needed to cool off.  Then a quick birthday snack thanks to Nana, Cake in a Cup, YUM!!! And yes, we finally made his little 5 year-old wish come true we sang Happy Birthday in French, lol! Just kidding we sang it in American or, as us adults commonly refer to, English, we sang the English version.

Then it was time to head home for pizza and another birthday celebration with my hubby’s side of the family.  He was pretty excited because this year, instead of mommy baking a cake and spending hours decorating it; I spent my time more wisely.  My son and I made the cake together and then he shared the decorating process with his sisters, it was so much fun and really added to the birthday memories bank.  Granted there were a few bites of nothing but sprinkles but what a small sacrifice for such a wonderful experience.


Last night as I gazed into our little man’s room and he lay grasping his Power Ranger mask in bed I started to tear up.  And as the tears rolled down my face I was reminded of my mother and how she used to do the same when he children were little. At the time I never understood why she would cry but I get it now.  The days just go by way to fast and we do not get them back.  And yet, when we halt our rapid thoughts and embrace the moment, it can become too overwhelming for us moms.  Because if we stop and truly inhale the moment we become immersed with the memories of yesterday and the wonder and awe of the future and it is in that moment that immortality hits and we find ourselves drowning with emotions.

For yesterday was a beautiful memory that will forever be cherished, today is a gift to be treasured, and tomorrow….well, that is not promised.

Happy Birthday Little Power Ranger and I thank God for entrusting me as your mommy, for it is us, mommy and daddy who have been blessed by your presence.


Do you have any birthday traditions in your household?  Do you have any hilarious birthday stories? Perhaps your child has or had a costume they wanted to wear everywhere (please say they did, it would be nice to know I am not alone)?  Please share, I so enjoy reading your personal experiences.