Plan A Family Weekend Away In 6 Easy Steps

If you’re looking for a cheap getaway this weekend, why not try a family-friendly day trip away? Day trips are great because they don’t require too many hours spent in the car and there’s enough to see and do that everyone will be entertained. This week we’ll show you how to plan your perfect day trip!

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The Bicycle Museum of America

We have driven past the sign on I-75 numerous times and I have always been curious, The Bicycle Museum of America, wonder if it’s worth the stop? Turns out it is totally worth the stop! Honestly, I had anticipated a small building, almost shack like in assembly with minimal paraphernalia. Needless to say my expectations were low. So you can imagine my surprise when we drove into New Bremen, which by the way is an adorable little town, and came upon the Museum which was so not a shack!




As we entered the museum I was blown away by the amount of bikes, everywhere you turned there was a bicycle. Fact, The Bicycle Museum of America has one of the largest private collections of bicycles in the world!! It houses elegant antique bicycles from the 19th century, balloon tire classics of the 1940s and 1950s and even the banana seat high-rise handle bar bikes of the 1960s. And its latest collection on display is Robin Williams’s bicycles.








But, what about the kids, did they like it?

The kids were just as mesmerized as us adults. They were fascinated as they journeyed through the museum’s bicycle timeline. Watching the evolution of the bicycle turned out to be a fabulous lesson in history as well; it’s amazing how modifications were made based upon the happenings of the time, including the military. bike14



And while they enjoyed learning about the first bicycle and tricycle the highlights of their tour through the museum were riding the Highwheel and peddling the car in the large room upstairs.




Fun fact: Ohio has been home to prominent bicycle manufacturers; Huffy, which remains an important distributor of bicycles today and the other manufactures that are gone but not forgotten, Shelby Bicycles of Shelby, Cleveland Welding, the producers of Roadmaster, and Colson of Elyria.





Plan your visit today:


Address: 7 W Monroe St, New Bremen, OH 45869

Phone: 419-629-9249


Admission: Adults: $3 Seniors: $2 Children: $1

Hours: Summer: weekdays 9am-7pm, Winter: weekdays 9am-5pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm Closed Sundays



While you’re in New Bremen be sure to check out the Komminsk Legacy Park and Harmony Park located behind the Museum. The park features an embankment slide, a splash pad, a sun-shade structure by Tork Werks, hillside seating, and a commissioned sculpture.








5 Reasons why Niagara Falls, ON, Canada is an Awesome Family Trip

  1. The family gets to visit a foreign country minus the expensive flight!! Talk about exciting!!  Fall16And, though the terrain doesn’t change much on the other side of the Ambassador Bridge the kiddos will make some fun observations; suddenly the speed limit is measured in kilometers, the temperature is defined in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, & our kiddos’ favorite, different money!!Fall19
  2. Falls Incline Railway! Our kiddos got a kick out of this fun, convenient, and economical ride…and the view of the Falls as you descend is breathtaking! Fall20easter_falls 016“The Niagara Parks Incline Railway provides a fast & convenient link between the Fallsview Tourist area and our Table Rock Centre. Fall9Open year-round, fully accessible and climate-controlled, this attraction provides riders a unique vantage point of the Horseshoe Falls as they rise and descend along the inclined track”. Fall8Admission Price (children 5 and under are FREE)…..One Way: $2.75 Round Trip: $5.50 All Day: $7. I would recommend paying the all-day price so you are free to come and go as you pleas throughout the day. Website:
  3. Journey behind the Falls!! Fall12The observation deck made this journey totally worth it…you can practically reach out and touch the falls, it was an out of this world experience!Fall10  “To stand at the heart of Niagara, you’ll first need to descend 150 feet and explore 130-year-old tunnels through the bedrock, but you’ll feel the thunderous vibration of the Horseshoe Falls long before you see them. Fall3The observation deck at the foot of this 13-storey-tall wonder will leave you breathless (and maybe a little bit wet), Fall7but don’t forget the viewing portals cut straight through the rock, offering a once-in-a-lifetime view of one-fifth of the world’s fresh water crashing down in front of you”. Fall18Price: (Ages 5 and under are FREE) Adults-$17.30 Children (6-12)-$11.25 Website:
  4. Locks up your Love!! Fall4Embassy Suites by Hilton Niagara Falls….Address: 6700 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W6, Canada. This is a fun family activity to do…lock up that family love at Niagara Falls…bring a lock and sharpie or buy one once you’re there & commemorate this magical family trip!!Fall5
  5. Clifton Hills Fun!!! Fall11Clifton Hill is Niagara Falls top destination for attractions, restaurants, entertainment and more! easter_falls 077Located just one block away from the Niagara Horseshoe Falls, the Street of Fun is a must-visit for families. Clifton Hill’s exciting array of attractions includes the Niagara Skywheel, a giant wheel 175 feet above the Falls providing you with views like no other of the Falls, Ripley’s Museum, The Upside Down House, easter_falls 072easter_falls 050easter_falls 073easter_falls 060easter_falls 062easter_falls 053easter_falls 059easter_falls 055Hersey Store, Fall17easter_falls 036easter_falls 042Wax Museums, of course, the Falls, Fall6and so much more!! Clifton Hills Website:

And the Falls at Night are breathtaking! Fall13Fall14Though it can be a bit chilly, so we had dinner at Elements Fall2Fall21with the perfect view of the Falls and the food is delicious too!! This trip will be one the kiddos will talk about for years to come so be sure to get this Road Trip on your Family’s bucket list today!!