Grand Rapids Gastropub, Paleo Farm Basket, and more!

After taking in all that gorgeous architecture and design we were parched! We managed to locate a delicious eatery just a few miles from the Meyer May house (FREE tours of a Frank Lloyd Wright House!), The Winchester

lakehouse2 096FOOD

I am literally STILL dreaming about that meal! Have you ever eaten something that just tastes so fresh, crisp, and delicious that you just wanted to savor every morsel? That is precisely how I felt about every bite of food I had at The Winchester.

lakehouse2 103FOOD


lakehouse2 111FOOD

The Winchester is a gastro pub.

What is a gastropub? A gastropub is a bar that also serves high-quality cuisine. Gastropubs, which offer gastronomy in a pub setting, have become extremely popular in recent years. Chefs are now leaving fancy restaurants behind, trading them in for laid-back pubs with accessible price points so they can attract regular customers rather than sporadic diners who only come on special occasions. Gone are the days of greasy “pub grub”….Gastropubs serve a higher standard of food than you’ll find at your average watering hole. SOURCE  

 lakehouse2 102FOOD

We started off lunch with a shareable, Roasted Vegetable. And, get this, some of the veggies actually came from the garden across the street! Talk about local, organic, & FRESH!!


lakehouse2 099FOOD

lakehouse2 107FOOD


The Winchester definitely quenches the sophisticated palate, and with some of the most simplistic dishes, like the Classic Burger and Fries. Those are fresh, hand cut, homemade, pure deliciousness of a fry! True I gave up carbs but I will make exceptions when it comes to food this delightful!


lakehouse2 104FOOD

And the salad I order was nothing short of spectacular! The color, freshness, crispy texture, and unbeatable taste, it was like a symphony for my taste buds.

 lakehouse2 105FOOD

lakehouse2 108FOOD


My taste buds are still singing The Winchester’s praises! I can’t wait to go back!


lakehouse2 113FOOD

After Lunch we stopped in at a neighboring establishment, Nourish to grab some ingredients for some Paleo cookies.

lakehouse2 118FOOD

Speaking of Paleo how cool is this? Nourish offers a Paleo Farm Basket….

The Paleo Farm Basket

Now in its third season, this basket is already an old favorite with members who are serious about a traditional way of eating.

Each basket in this plan includes:

  • A gorgeous bouquet of local organically grown vegetables and fruit.
  • An added selection of some paleo must-have foods like avocados, sweet potatoes and peppers.
  • Some healthy and interesting traditional fats like lard or coconut oil, along with nuts and fruits.
  • A supply of healthy local grass-fed locally-grown meat and sustainably caught fish.

Just what the doctor ordered! This basket is for you! $75 a week

Available for convenient free delivery or in-store pickup.

Of course it includes a weekly newsletter that provides great recipes, tips and paleo-healthy information.

Wish they delivered to Toledo, how cool would that be? I want this! (Might have to do some researching and see if there is any local organic health food store that offers a Paleo home delivered basket.)

lakehouse2 121FOOD

I also thought it was pretty cool that they had photographs of the actual farmers in the store….it is always nice to put a face with the name of the individual who is putting all their time, energy, and hard work into growing your food.


lakehouse2 122FOOD

And last put not least, dessert! Or at least my kind of dessert, a cappuccino!! A REAL cappuccino! At Rowster’s!!

 lakehouse2 132FOOD


lakehouse2 123FOOD


lakehouse2 131FOOD


lakehouse2 128FOOD

It was so smooth and oh so delicious!


lakehouse2 134FOOD

I was sad to see our day in Grand Rapids end. There was so much more I wanted to see and do.


lakehouse2 136FOOD

I can’t wait to go back!

Speaking of going back, if you plan on visiting next week you will be in town during Grand Rapids Restaurant Week!!  (August 12-23)

Going with the family? Then be sure to check out Grand Rapids Kids before you go for some fun kid friendly hot spots!

Getting a babysitter? Then grab some friends and enjoy the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser! There is so much to do in Grand Rapids! Enjoy! And please feel free to share your adventures in the comments.


lakehouse2 167FOOD


Indian Creek Petting Zoo

Witnessing your child interact up close with animals you don’t often come in contact results in lots of laughter, fun, and makes for some precious memories which is precisely what you get when you visit Indian Creek Petting Zoo. Indian Creek Petting Zoo is a walk-thru-zoo that offers up close viewing of exotic animals like Zebra, Camels, Emus, Wallabies, Lemurs, Donkeys, Sheep, Alpacas, Peacocks, and more! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit today. I thought it might be fun to share some pics that really highlight our experience, enjoy!

As we enter we are greeted by….

petting zoo 005


petting zoo 004


petting zoo 010

And the children had fun guessing what was hiding in each cubby. (Look familiar to anyone? This used to be at the Toledo Zoo.)

petting zoo 007


We continued on the path and the next stop was the Lemurs. Oh, I almost forgot, you have the option of purchasing a basket of food for the animals for $3, which is so worth it. I am glad we did because we were able to see this little contraption work, totally priceless!  On the pole is a rope, bucket, and pulley. The children place the food in the bucket and the Lemur pulled it back. It was seriously the cutest watching his tinny paws at work and listening to the children giggle.

Ribbet collagepetzoo

We finally pulled ourselves away from the Lemurs and headed to see the…

petting zoo 024

The Peacocks were stunning! And then the real fun occurred. We got to feed the CAMELS!

petting zoo 046


petting zoo 040


They were so slobbery, gentle, and cute! They basically licked the food right off the children’s hands. (To all the germaphobes, myself included, do not fear, we used sanitizer afterward).

petting zoo 067

Then we thought it might be fun to get pics of each of us with our children near one of the camel….it sounded like a good idea. Haha! She wasn’t in any immediate danger so I took the pic, glad I did. LOL!


petting zoo 109pt

Let’s just say there was definitely no shortage of laughter. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids.

I tried to get a pic of me with the kiddos and the camel but between the camel and the 3 year old indecisiveness the camel won. Haha!


petting zoo 115


petting zoo 083

Then we were off to see and feed the….


petting zoo 075


petting zoo 073


And then we looked at the Zebra, but dare not touch. Apparently they bite, bummer!


petting zoo 057


Then we stopped for a photo op…who doesn’t love these!?


petting zoo 122


On our way back towards the entrance we stopped into the bunny path….isn’t this adorable? I Hop. Haha!


petting zoo 131


petting zoo 128


And I have a dozen more pics that I won’t bore you with…bottom line, we had a magnificent time and would totally go back! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day with the kiddos. For more info be sure to checkout the Indian Creek Petting Zoo Facebook page, like, and share!


When was the last time you visited a petting zoo? Have you been to one with your children? How did they like it?