Designer Purse Bingo! Discount Code Included

Picture it, glass of wine in hand, chattin it up with your BFF, & admiring all the eye-candy…Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, & etc.!  And to think, you might be taking one of those beauties home, swoon!

Share and tag your girlfriends NOW, don’t miss out on this epic night. It could even be “the night”…the night you finally get your claws on that Coach.

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iLead is hosting its first annual Designer Purse Bingo to support enrichment opportunities for our learners.

Here’s the lineup for the evening……

6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Grazing stations/cash bar

Sell additional bingo tickets

Chance Auction tickets

7:00 p.m. – 7:50 p.m. First Session – 5 purses

7:50 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. 10-minute break

8:00 p.m. – 8:50 p.m. Second Session – 5 purses

8:50 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 10-minute break

9:00 p.m. – 9:50 p.m. Third session – 5 purses

10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Door Prize drawing & DANCE PARTY!

Schedule subject to change


Click here to get tickets NOW

Discount Code:

The code is purse10 and it is good for 10% off the price of $45…..In the notes section, please put “Mom on The Go” or something similar so we know you were refereed by Mom on the go in Holy Toledo.

I’ll see you there! BINGO! 😉

10 Awesome Ladies Night Out Destinations in Toledo

As moms and wives we are the one everyone comes to with request, complaints, clean laundry, food, TLC, etc. but what about moms? Where do they go to recharge, to be seen, heard, to have fun? 3 words, Ladies Night Out!!!

Health experts say that maintaining positive relationships with friends should rank right up there with healthy eating and exercising. That being socially engaged leads to more positive emotions and may actually boost your body’s immune system and reduce the physical signs of stress. So, no more excuses! It is time to give the girls a call, and set up a Ladies Night Out!!

Needs some ideas?

Here are 10 awesome Ladies Night Out destinations in Toledo! (In no particular order)


1.UNCORK THE ARTIST – Full disclosure; I was a tad nervous the first time I did this because I was afraid of everyone seeing my canvas and the fact that I was a total novice, a.k.a. clueless! Haha! My worries were quickly put at ease when the instructor explained that she would be giving us a step-by-step instruction, score! And the glass of wine didn’t hurt. Lol! That’s right; you are more than welcome to bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy while creating your gorgeous masterpiece! They offer a nice variety of painting to select from, CLICK HERE  to view the calendar.


2. TRAPPED TOLEDO  -I had THE BEST time doing this! I love activities that involve wit and working together. Team work, baby!! You are locked in a room with a group of your friends and you must use your intellect and the group’s collective knowledge to find hidden clues, solve puzzles & overcome challenges to escape before time runs out. ​We made it with just minutes to spare. Are you ready? CLICK HERE  to check out the current experiences, and see which piques your group’s interest!

3. SANDPIPER – I planned a Ladies Night Out back in August on the Sandpiper, specifically, the Dinner Cruise. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We were allowed to bring wine, and I did, but the river and cruise was intoxicating enough, I never did open my bottle of Sangria. Thus, if you are in the mood for a “chill” evening out with the girls than a cruise down the Maumee River is perfect! There are a variety of options to choose from, CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

MNOBLOGsandpiper 091

4. HOLLYWOOD CASINO – Luck be a lady! Call up the girls for a fun filled casino night!! Get dressed up and dolled up for a night to remember! Enjoy delicious food, dancing, fancy “girlie” drinks, & channel your inner Grace Kelley, Audrey Hepburn, etc. for an epic Ladies Night Out!!

circus_chickfila 016

5. BIRD’S EYE VIEW CIRCUS  -Hands down this is the coolest!! I just did this with a group of friends and it was amazing! We did the areal silks. (That is me in the image above) They offer a variety of options to select from, aerial hoop, hammock, and aerial yoga, stilt walking, juggling, etc. and offer private group lessons. Did I mention this is SO cool! I highly recommend you get this on the calendar ASAP as they do fill up fast! This is certain to be a night all the ladies will remember! CLICK HERE  for a list of activities they offer and contact info.

6. BOARD & BRUSH Wood signs, Workshops, & Wine– No experience necessary! Bring your personality & creativity and they provide the wood, wine, & paint!! There is something so therapeutic about painting & hanging out with the girls. It is such a great way to relax and unwind While they mainly use wood elements for projects, they also offer a wide variety of other materials in the DIY wood sign workshops, including; Glass, Chalkboard, Canvas pillows, Slate, Terra cotta pots. Checkout their calendar for workshop schedules & book your today!! 

MNOBLOGRibbet collage

7. PUB CRAWL – Sometimes a girl just needs to let loose, laugh, and live it up! Don’t feel like making a bunch of plans. Perhaps an impromptu Ladies Night Out is in order? Then downtown Toledo is the perfect spot for a LNO Pub Crawl!! Why just enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of one pub/brewery when there are a slew of great spots downtown….you would really be doing yourself, your friends, and the city a disservice if you only visited one all night, true!? Haha! Now I am not endorsing intoxication by any means, pace yourselfers, drink responsibly, eat something, have a designated driver, and have fun!!

MNOBLOGdatenight_pubcrawl 006

MNOBLOGdatenight_pubcrawl 010

8. GATHERED GLASSBLOWING STUDIO– Are you mesmerized by the art of glassblowing or maybe you are just looking to do something new, different, something outside your comfort zone? They will introduce you to the art of glassblowing and help you create a glass piece of your own. Or better yet, don’t feel like making something, then check out their Hot Glass, Cold Beer, & Cool Music event every 3rd Thursday of the month. CLICK HERE  to check out their calendar of workshops

9.LISA’S MANICURE & PEDICURE SPA– Imagine an evening of relaxation….sitting in the massaging chair, feet soaking in the warm water, sipping wine, snacking on munchies, and enjoying fabulous conversations with friends. Yep, Lisa can make that happen! I am a fan of Lisa’s because it is an all-natural/green nail salon so you don’t have to worry about any ridiculous fumes giving you a headache. You can rent the space after hours for a Ladies Night Out to remember!! CLICK HERE  for Lisa’s contact info so you can get your LNO in the books asap!

MNOBLOGmonsnight 008

10. FOODOLOGY COOKING CLASSES – Native Toledoan and Chef Julie Daunhauer is finally answering the question we have been asking for years, “Where can I take cooking classes in Toledo without enrolling in a college program or certification course?” She offers a variety of courses at various class levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) if you are just looking to take a class (adults are welcomed to bring an adult beverage to enjoy while they cook) or you could set up a private party, checkout the website for more! Foodology supports local businesses and farmers and strives to purchase locally grown food for the cooking classes whenever possible. 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t end up on national news, call up the girls for a Ladies Night Out!!

BEST of 2015

2015 has been such a fabulous year, filled with fun road trips, delicious food, and awesome experiences! It has been such a joy & delight sharing all our excursions….

Here are the top 10 of 2015:  (click on post titles to be redirected)


1. Falling in Love with Loveland: Castle in OHIO!


2. Wauseon: An Affair to Remember



3. Grand Rapids: Gastropub, Paleo Farm, & More



4. I left my Heart in Holland


5.  Playtime


6. Wapakoneta



7.  It’s just a Red Ball? Au contraire!




8.  Au Revoir Redball Project




9. Let’s Talk Salsa


10.  Ladies Nights Out!



It is going to be hard to say goodbye to 2015 however my heart is a bit lighter knowing that 2016 will be filled with new adventures, recipes, and fashion!?! Yep, you heard correctly, for 2016 we will be adding fashion to the Mom on the go in Holy Toledo mix!!! How was your 2015, what was the highlight? What are you looking forward to in 2016? What would you like to see Mom on the go in Holy Toledo include and/or discuss in 2016? I can’t wait to read your thoughts!! Cheers!!



Reevaluating priorities: Where are you investing your time?

Reevaluating priorities can be a daunting and somewhat humbling task. Coming to the realization that what you had thought was in your best interest and your family’s actually might not be, or basically admitting that you got it wrong, is quite humbling. But did you actually get it wrong or have circumstances simply changed?

As I sit here filling out kindergarten registration for my son and Child’s Day Out (program that gets children acclimated to the idea of being away from mom and dad, not like preschool, but rather the step before preschool, it is only one day a week for 2-1/2 hours) for our youngest I can’t help but reflect on how much my life is going to change next year. I am going to have 2 children in elementary school! Go figure, I feel like I am just getting this having a 1st grader, preschooler, and toddler thing down and now things are going to change in less than 6 months! Part of me wants to scream’ BUT I DON’T WANNA!!!’ but where would that get me? Denial, that’s where. And while denial can be soothing at times it only delays the inevitable. So I am going to force myself past the all-inviting state of denial and venture towards reality.

priori 002

And the reality is that I need to reevaluate my priorities. I have to be honest; I thought life was going to get so much easier once my kiddos were in elementary school. I mean, hello, they can dress themselves, bathe themselves, help make their lunch, etc. That sounds like a vacation compared to parenting a baby, toddler, and/or preschooler, right!? Wrong!

The truth of the matter is that yes, elementary aged children can do more for themselves with regard to the physical tasks. However they require so much guidance with the remainder of their lives, from homework, to helping make sense of friendships, and everything in-between. And since they are in school all day the only time left are those few hours between after school and bedtime. Of which often include an after school sport or activity, and homework! So you get about a solid hour if you are lucky. And that solid hour is often fragmented between driving to and from activity, dinner preparations, cleaning up before bed, and getting ready for the next day.  And you know what, those really deep questions; they often arise during this fragmented time. If only children would talk and bring up serious questions when it was convenient for us parents, say between 6 and 7pm, how much easier life would be. Can you imagine?  That would be awesome. I could then make it to Book Club, MOPS, Zumba, Dinner with the Gals, Dinner Co-op, Ladies Night Out, and Trivia Night, score! But they don’t. So what is the solution? Be present. Model the life lessons you want your children to learn. Reevaluate Priorities. Which can be really difficult especially for us social butterflies, there I said it!

priori 006

So, in an effort to truly reevaluate my priorities (because, to be honest, this past year after being with a preschooler and toddler all day and 1st grader after school I gladly welcomed a couple of evenings out for book club, dinner co-op, and dinner with the gals)But there isn’t enough days in the week for date night, two ‘me nights’, hubby’s night w/the boys, and still maintain a solid family foundation) and be MORE present now and in the future I have come up with a list of questions that I have been asking myself in order to determine which activities I should invest my time that is away from my family.

I ask myself these questions:

Does it correlate with my morals and values?

Will this have a neutral, positive, or negative influence my life?

Will it have a neutral, positive, or negative influence on the life of my children and husband?

Is it worth the time, the time I put into it, and the time away from my family?

Afterwards will I feel renewed, rested, peaceful and ready to be the best me I can be? Or will this be something that is draining?

Is there a long time commitment?

If after answering all these questions the conclusion is positive I then discuss it with my husband, and we will then see where the activity fits into our family’s schedule. We both firmly believe that family is of utmost priority but that in order to be the best spouse that we can be and parent it is healthy to have a day, evening away. So we have come to the conclusion that we will have no more than one evening a week away from the family. Then the next difficult task, trying to squeeze that evening in-between, the kids’ school of religion, soccer practice/games, t-ball practice/game, kiddos clubs, etc. And I suppose one day I might actually have to come to the realization that maybe a phone call with a friend will have to suffice as my ‘night out’.

One day my children will be grown and out of the house. At that time I will have all the time in the world to join clubs, co-ops, classes, etc. But I will never be able to get this time back, to get my children’s childhood years back. There is no redo.  This is not a dress rehearsal so it is important that we do our best and be the best parents we can be.  And yes, that does mean sacrificing things in the short-term, but oh, the abundance we will have in the long-term will be well worth it!

Did you think life was going to get much easier once your kiddos entered elementary school? How do you determine which activities are worth your time away from your family? Do you have a technique that you have found helpful? Please share.