Bathroom Remodeling

Okay, so last night my toddler awoke at 2am and she refused to go back to sleep in her crib so I brought her to bed with us hoping both her and I would go back to sleep. Instead, she fell asleep in seconds and I laid in bed staring up at the ceiling thinking about random things. I wondered how, and why, selling Girl Scout cookies became such a huge competition and if my little kindergartener was ready…..I wondered why the English langauge is so difficult, for heaven sakes, wind means one thing and unwind something entirely different ….Then I wondered what the heck is in Velveeta and why they can’t consider it cheese…. Why is it that the woman’s brain never stops, NEVER! Meanwhile my hubby was sawing logs next to me.  So I continued on with my queries in my mind. My next thought, our house.

Our house has officially (I say this because we did put up a For Sale By Owner sign a year ago then signed with a realtor)  been on the market for 3 months, and while I realize that is not a long time I can’t help but have a plan B.  I am a mother, a Capricorn, and a recovering perfectionist (does anyone know of a perfectionist anonymous group?), I need a plan B and often times C & D (now I just sound like the Cat in the Hat).

So, here is my plan B, we take down walls. That’s right people, I said walls. We remove the wall between the dinning room and kitchen to allow for a more open floor plan which will be visually appealing and allow for a more functional traffic flow and use of space.

Then we will focus our attention on the bathroom which is currently a little shoe box were all five of us wash and bath but thankfully only 4 of us are potty trained.  Once we add that fifth person to the pot we might be in some trouble.  So this is what I propose, Bathroom Remodeling.  We expand the current bathroom to allow for a larger soaking tub and vanity with two sinks. It would be so nice to have a luxurious spa like atmosphere in the adult bathroom (then again, I might never want to leave).  Directly behind our current bathroom is a computer room that we will make into the children’s bathroom so we can use the same plumbing wall.  Then the real fun begins, finishes, fixtures, and accessories!

Wow, after all that thinking I finally started to feel sleepy.  Then the alarm clock went off.  It was time to get the kiddos going for school.  While I prepared breakfast and waited for my coffee to brew I quickly perused some websites and came up with a few ideas for our bathroom.  Does anyone else suffer from the same mind debilitating nuisance of not being able to let things go?

Here are a few ideas that I have come up with thanks to Houzz (think pintrest for interior design. Though it should come with a warning, it is difficult to walk away from this site.)…….

21st Century Bungalow traditional bathroom
French Country traditional bathroom
Ranch House Bathroom Renovation contemporary bathroom
Master Bath Retreat traditional bathroom
contemporary bathroom ideas contemporary bathroom
Master Ensuite Bathroom - Divine Homes contemporary bathroom

Don’t these inspirational photos make you want to take a sledgehammer to your poor excuse for a bathroom? I will be sure to keep you all posted for when Plan B is taken into effect.

Maybe tonight while I am not sleeping I can try to come up with a plan to achieve world peace?

Any suggestions for getting a mommy’s brain to shut down are welcomed and greatly appreciated.