How To Dress Your Home For An Upscale Bash!

If you’re a parent to young kiddos, the kind of parties you throw at your home might be a far cry for your pre-kid bashes. We’re talking glitter everywhere, obnoxiously bright layered colored cakes, sticky floors and paper plates – not exactly classy. Though loads of fun for the kiddos, isn’t it time you hosted a grownup bash, one just for the adults, a bit more upscale. To say it’s been a heck of a year is an understatement, isn’t it time to give everyone an excuse to leave their quarantine PJs at home, ladies can dust off their LBD, or slip into that over-the-top fancy outfit that still sparks joy but you never could quite decide what to wear it to, over accessorize, and toast with some bubbly? It’s time to gather (responsibly) and celebrate, celebrate all the milestones we weren’t able to celebrate in-person, make up for lost time, we’re talkin no tissue paper, paper plates, or any paper products, remember that fin china you registered for and received at your bridal shower? This is the occasion it was meant for, so unpack it from the boxes, polish the silverware, iron the tablecloths, get out the stemware, and jazz it up properly.

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