How To Dress Your Home For An Upscale Bash!

If you’re a parent to young kiddos, the kind of parties you throw at your home might be a far cry for your pre-kid bashes. We’re talking glitter everywhere, obnoxiously bright layered colored cakes, sticky floors and paper plates – not exactly classy. Though loads of fun for the kiddos, isn’t it time you hosted a grownup bash, one just for the adults, a bit more upscale. To say it’s been a heck of a year is an understatement, isn’t it time to give everyone an excuse to leave their quarantine PJs at home, ladies can dust off their LBD, or slip into that over-the-top fancy outfit that still sparks joy but you never could quite decide what to wear it to, over accessorize, and toast with some bubbly? It’s time to gather (responsibly) and celebrate, celebrate all the milestones we weren’t able to celebrate in-person, make up for lost time, we’re talkin no tissue paper, paper plates, or any paper products, remember that fin china you registered for and received at your bridal shower? This is the occasion it was meant for, so unpack it from the boxes, polish the silverware, iron the tablecloths, get out the stemware, and jazz it up properly.

Does the idea of hosting an adult party sound overwhelming and stressful? You’re not alone, many worry that the current state of their home just isn’t up to par with the expectations of others. Have no fear, this post is here to help you showcase your home in the best light. We’ve got some great tips and tricks to highlight the beauty of your home in order to provide a beautiful upscale elegant, classy, yet fun grownup party. 

  1. Brightening up the place

Does your home look a bit dull, there are definitely ways to brighten the place up in time for your big night. And it doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars, but rather requires a touch of creativity and a little DIY spirit! Here are some ways to make your home bright and beautiful for an upscale party.

  • Fairy lights. You might think of fairy lights as a distant memory from your teenage bedroom, but believe it or not, these can do wonders for your party space. Wrap them into the branches of a tree in your yard; drape them over picture frames or bunch them into vases, fairy lights are versatile, cost-effective ways of adding sparkle to your home for a party. 
  • A pop of color. Brightening your home could be as simple as adding some more dynamic colors into the palette of your regular household. If your home is full of blue and grey tones, for a party you could consider adding some gold or silver pillows, a sunny yellow throw or rug, or perhaps a funky colorful lamp to add a dynamic pop of color to your space. 
  • Mirrors. Brightening your home is easily done by making the space appear larger than it really is, increasing the angles, light reflection and general openness of the house. A few full-length mirrors in your home can transform it magically into an open, gorgeous house which seems to go on forever when your guests walk in. 

  1. Cleanliness is key

It has often been said that cleaning a home while the kids are in it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. For a party for which you’re pulling out all the stops, you want to make sure that your home is transformed into a lovely, classy place where everyone feels welcome and is impressed. One easy way of doing this is having your home professionally cleaned on the day of the event. This is a one-off expenditure which takes your mind off the worries of presenting your home on the day of the party. Having a professional cleaner give your house a once-over can do wonders for your feelings of confidence in having guests over for an event, as well as giving your home the sparkle it deserves on this special night!

  1. Local touches

If you cherish your local community, one great way to throw a party is by adding local touches to your home and to the event as a whole. How can you do this? Here are just a few of the ways to achieve supporting local efforts while throwing an amazing event. 

  • Have a local restaurant cater the event. If you aren’t a culinary whiz yourself or don’t have time to cook for a huge party – and let’s face it, this is quite a task – why not hire a local food business to cater the bash? Pick your favorite delicious food from your area and have the caterer bring a selection of their amazing menu. This will not only surely please your guests, but it will also support local businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, so many businesses have suffered, so this holiday season it is more important than ever to support local efforts. 
  • Represent the local flora and fauna. For flowers and decorations, make sure to turn to a local florist for all your questions and purchases. A local florist can recommend native flowers, stunning plants and even create larger floral structures to make the evening beautiful and memorable for all. This is a simple way to make your home smell and look to die for, while also turning to local experts for guidance and giving them your business. Everybody wins!
  • Local performers. If you want to have live performers such as a band at your party, you could scout out local performers who are part of your community for a fun, homely performance. This will, once again, boost their credentials as local performers while also creating a lovely atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

  1. Fun Party Favors

One way to take your event to the next level is with fun party favors. Once again, you could use a local business, such as an independent store selling sweet little gifts in the holiday season, to provide these – or you could do something fun and make them yourself! Here are just a few cute party favors to make your guests smile. 

  • Homemade cookies designed by the kids. Just because this party is for adults, doesn’t mean the kids can’t make their mark somehow. Party favors in the form of cookies designed by the kids, perhaps with people’s names on them, really show people you care and make them feel extra special. 
  • Home crafted items. If one of your new lockdown hobbies includes arts and crafts, you could knit, sew or craft sweet little party favors for your guests. These don’t have to be elaborate or time consuming, but do add a personal touch to the party and make everyone feel welcome. 
  • Small potted plants from your garden. If you have a certified green thumb and want to spread the joy with your planting expertise, why not pot mini herb pots or other house plants from your collection and give them out? These are lasting gifts which are truly unique and will be enjoyed by your guests for years to come. 
  • Fresh-smelling drawer fillers. One easy DIY trick which is bound to please any guest is to make sweet-smelling drawer fillers. These could be small lavender sachets which can be thrown into any chest, drawer or cupboard to make it smell herby and delicious; or rosemary bags made especially for your guests. 

  1. A welcoming atmosphere

The most important thing for a fantastic party is a welcoming atmosphere. If you feel stressed about your party, make sure you don’t let it show – a stressed-out vibe is never well received by guests who just want to have fun. At the end of the day, your friends won’t mind if things go wrong – say, the caterer accidentally brings a wrong menu option or a glass gets smashed – and will probably laugh it off if you do. Similarly, allowing the kids to come for the early part of the evening and have fun together might add a little chaos, but it will at least make all feel welcome and happy to be there. 

In conclusion, throwing lovely, upscale parties shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Use these helpful tips to transform your home into the perfect event space and have the time of your life at your next event. 

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