Move backward 3

It was one of those lazy afternoons mothers long for, no one needed to be anywhere, there was no immediate task that required mom’s attention, and dinner was still a couple hours away. So we decided it might be fun to play a game…I was secretly hoping it might become an impromptu game night! I love a good game night! Anyway, we decided on the game, Sorry.


dog_sorry 027

So we set up the game on the living room floor. Everyone determined which color they wanted to be, which surprisingly takes much longer than one would anticipate, sometimes longer than it takes to play the actual game(first everyone wants to be the same color, then no one wants to be that color, and then our little peacemaker suggests that everyone has one of each color, can you imagine? Haha!).  And after two potty breaks and the dog walking through, on, and kicking the pawns a few times (I am pretty sure he was Sorry for his actions…like that? Haha!), we were finally all ready to play. Now, it should be noted that sometimes half the fun in playing a game is just in setting it up, seriously, just asks our 4 year old. She is quite fond of the setting up the game process…and it isn’t unusual for her to just walk away mid-game to set up another game. But this time was different, this time she stayed and played…and even brought along a few spectators.


dog_sorry 023

So we got the game started! The first few cards were pretty simple and since our 4 year old is a champ at counting she thought it was awesome. The cards read, Move forward 12, Move forward 4, and then Move backward 3. “Mom, you can just go forward or pick a different card, we don’t play with those”, explained our 7 year old. What!?  “Well, in order to win you need to move forward” he says.  I explained that he is correct, in order to win you do need to move forward but the whole point of the game is about being able to handle obstacles  that you weren’t expecting, kind of like in life. “No, mom this isn’t Life, it is Sorry” he kindly corrected me. Haha! Clearly my attempt at an analogy was lost. So I just explained that we will be following all the cards for this game, backward, forward, ALL. So we go around the board and everyone received “nice” cards, no go backward cards. Then it is my turn again and I pull a card that states “Take a pawn from Start and switch places with an opponent…bump the opponent back to start” Hmm…which child’s dream of winning this game should I destroy? Seriously, who wrote these cards!? And I had to go and make a big speech about following ALL the cards. What a predicament!! Do I go back on my word?  I can understand the lessons learned through going backward, it teaches kids about persevering and not giving up even when they lag behind or fall short but nowhere in life will someone switch places with you.  So, do I shatter a child’s dream of winning or go back on my word? Now I know why this stupid game is called Sorry!


What would you do?