We lost Superman!

We had a showing late Friday afternoon which means we went into battle mode early Friday morning against the dust, dirt, and dog hair (DDH) that was attacking our home. The DDH didn’t know what hit it when I fueled up on 3 cups of coffee and started defending against it with the help of a few allies named Hoover & Shark. Victory was mine, I mean ours!! We won the battle against this week’s force of DDH but, unfortunately, we did lose a hero, a super hero that is, we lost Superman!

I am honesty not sure what happened to him.  Everything was happening so fast and before I knew it it was time for us to get out of the house before the realtor and our potential buyers showed.  I might have tossed him into a random toy bin, or in a laundry basket, or, and this kills me to say, I might have “accidentally” tossed him in the trash? I don’t know what happened to him, it was all such a blur.

So, in order to save face in front of our son here goes, as last-ditch effort to try to make things right (in case I did do something to poor Superman, and no, that is by no means a confession) and hopefully locate our lost super hero I am placing the following in our home.

Have You Seen ME?


Name: Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman

Color: Red and blue with a large S on the chest, red cape, and red boots.

Gender: Well? Not anatomically correct, but for all intents and purposes, we will say Male.

Height: 4 inches

Lost date: Friday

Location last seen: Kitchen. No!! Bedroom? No!! Family Room, he thinks? (Our son has no idea where he played with it last; I can’t say this comes as a surprise).

Reward: Our son, who is 4 years old, has offered a $2 reward for anyone who locates his action hero.  (The comment that followed was, “Mom, have you seen my wallet? I have the $2 in it.”)


Additional Comments: Our son exclaimed that it is hard to protect the city from Barbie attacks and animal attacks (our Labrador and cat) without he entire team. He is really super because he can fly.  I need him back please.

“The team” looks distraught without Superman

Update: My husband and I helped him search his room today and we came up empty-handed. I really started to feel bad about possibly having thrown away Superman. Then, just seconds ago, while I was putting a few random toys back I noticed a red cape sticking out from our toddler’s toy.  Superman was literally kidnapped, or napped by a kid!! YES!! Mommy is off the hook!

Have you ever accidentally thrown away a child’s toy? Have you ever deliberately thrown away a child’s toy (this is a judgment free zone)?