End of School Year Teacher’s Gifts: Lemon Sugar Scrub

Last year we had a Moms Spa Night with our playgroup and it was amazing! We had a massage therapist on hand giving massages throughout the night, there was decadent desserts, savory treats, wine, and conversations flowing like a river, it was the best!  The main event that evening was, Cortnie, the owner of Spa Fogo, who came and discussed the important of skin care with all the moms. Most of us had 3 rough spot that can be so embarrassing and totally exposed in our summer wardrobe; elbow, knees, and ankles.  She mentioned one of the most important steps towards minimizing these rough patches, a step that we moms often forget, mostly due to time constraints, exfoliation.  In an effort to get us on the path towards eliminating our rough patches of dry skin she had us each make a sugar scrub that we could take home and use as an exfoliator. Ever since that night I have been hooked on this simple recipe for making your own sugar scrub. No more spending a lot of money at the bath and body stores, all you need is sugar, oil, and whatever essential oil/scent you wish to include.

So, fast forward to today and the end of the school year is here!! Along with the end of the school year comes gifts for the amazing teacher that give so much of themselves to our children each and every day.  I am so grateful for the compassion, patience, and guidance teacher give our children.  After I drop my children off at school know I can go on about my day knowing that my child is being well cared for by their teacher and that is a feeling that can hold no monetary value. So then, what do you get the amazing person that greatly influences your child and puts your mommy mind at ease when you are not present?

While I wish I could give each of them a day at the Spa because, let’s face it, they totally deserve that, can you imagine being with 28 preschoolers or 24 Kindergarteners every day? So, I figure why not give them a little bit of the Spa treatment at home with some Lemon Sugar Scrub!! I know I always feel like a million bucks after shaving and using the sugar scrub so hopefully they will also enjoy the renewing feeling that comes after exfoliating with a sugar scrub. I have also found it to be extremely useful in the kitchen after I have handled garlic, onions, or fish. It is also great after gardening, my hands look disgusting, caked with soil but the sugar scrub makes them good as new.

Here are the simple steps to make Sugar Scrub for the special teachers in your life or make some just for yourself, because you deserve it too!


(This recipe will fill 6 12 oz Mason Jars)

6 cups of sugar

2 cups of oil (I like using olive oil but it can detract from the lemon or essential oil scent so I have been using 1 cup olive oil and 1 cup canola oil)

7 Tablespoon lemon juice (or you can add an essential oil like lavender, vanilla, peppermint, I have seen recipes where pumpkin pie spice has been used, coffee grounds and cocoa, baby oil, your imagination is the limit)


Simply mix everything together, the sugar, oil, and whatever scent you prefer.

To decorate the Mason Jars I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased yellow fabric to glue on the top of the jar. I just use a good old glue stick.

Next I added the monogram to the top and black and white ribbon to tie the craft stick to the jar. The stick is necessary to stir the scrub before use since the oil and sugar will separate. It is also helpful for removing scrub from the jar.

Finished product….

This is what my kiddos are giving their teachers’ this year but we have many many more years ahead so please spill, what are you giving, have given, or plan to give in the future, to your children’s teachers? Or, maybe you are a teacher, what are some of the gifts you received that you really enjoyed? Any gifts we should avoid?