New Psychiatry Practice in Toledo


Dear friends of greater Toledo area,


Great news, there’s finally an outpatient psychiatric service that has weekend & evening hours, so patients & their parents do not have to miss work to be seen by a psychiatrist is available in Toledo area! I am Dr. Milind Joshi, MD, a recent graduate of child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship from University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC). I have started my own psychiatry outpatient practice “WeCare Psychiatry Associates.” in Maumee. We accept most of the insurances as listed below and also provide very affordable cash prices for those without health insurance. We are accepting children, adolescents, and adults. We are the only facility that provides urgent care /walk in services for our patients in Toledo Area. Below is our information :



WeCare Psychiatry Associates

Doctor: Milind Joshi MD

Areas of expertise:  ADHD , Anxiety disorder, depression, Bipolar disorder, Autistic spectrum disorders, OCD, nail biting, hair pulling, and psychotic spectrum disorders, works really well with children and adolescents suffering from Cannabis abuse & may have Depression, anxiety or ADHD.

Main Office Location: 1715 Indian Wood Circle, Suite 200 Maumee, OH 43537


Office Phone #: (419) 897-7990

Office Fax: 419-740-8401

Hours: Monday To Friday 8.00 AM –6:30 PM, Saturday 8am to 530pm, Sunday Only in special circumstances Psychiatric walk in & Urgent Care

WeCare Psychiatry accepts below insurances:

AARP, Aetna, Anthem, CareSource, Cigna, Blue Cross -Blue Shield(from March 2020 Medicare, Optum, Humana, Medicaid(from March 2020), Medicare, Medmutual, Oxford, Paramount, TRICARE, UMR, UnitedHealthcare, WellCare, Out of Network(If insurance allows), CASH practice (Very affordable rates for uninsured patients).

WeCare Psychiatry is accepting children, adolescents, and adults 



As parents we are greatly concerned about our children’s physical health. From the moment our babies are born we take them to their checkups, at 7 days, a month, 3 months, 6 months, yearly, etc. And we often make appointments in-between with concerns over respiratory or ear infection, fever, or stomach issues. And there’s the rare event of an accident on the playground, bunkbed, etc. that could land your child in the Emergency Room needing x-rays for broken bones, stitches, etc. Yes, when it comes to our children’s physical health we don’t miss a beat. We watch for the signs, the tugging on the ear, fever, lack of appetite, we physically see a bruise, cut, scrape, broken arm, or leg. What about their mental health? How do you see their anxiety, depression, stress, etc.? The outward symptoms of mental health concerns simply aren’t as easy to spot as a physical disease or ailment.

Did you know…

  • Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, affecting an estimated 300 million people around the world.
  • If mental illness is not treated early, it can increase the risk of other disorders throughout life.
  • It is important to address these issues early, while the brain is still developing and interventions stand a better chance of taking hold.
  • One in five teenagers in the U.S. seriously considers suicide annually.
  • Approximately 1,700 teenagers die by suicide each year.

As parents we need to crush the stigma that is still too-often attached to mental illness. We need to provide just as much care, concern, & urgency with our children’s mental health as we do their physical health. If we can show them from a young age how Mental & Physical Health are equally as important we could literally make the world a better place for not only them but future generations!

Are you ready to take that first step toward shattering the stigma & get your child’s Mental Health Well-Check?  Then call, WeCare Psychiatry Associates Today!


Share, tag family and friends, together we can squash the stigma surrounded by mental health issues & ultimately make the world a better place!

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