Sesame Street Party: Look who turned two!

Our baby turned two on Saturday, my how the time flies. It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. I held her in my arms as our older two children came running inside (they stayed with Nana and Papa while we were in the hospital. I had her around noon on a Wednesday and we were out of there by 3pm the next day) eager to see if they had a baby brother or a baby sister. I asked one last time what they each thought we had and both said a baby brother. So you can imagine their surprise when I pulled back the blanket and the baby was dressed in pink. They let out a huge cheer and life has gotten, well, busy ever since.

We enjoyed our family birthday tradition, donuts for breakfast (as most of you know we like to only have donuts on birthdays so that they are a truly a special treat).


Now that she is two the volume in our house has increase exponentially. Mariah Carey has nothing on this kid (and of course whenever she is around our friends she is quiet as a mouse). And she now, like most toddlers do, has adopted a few favorite words including, MINE, NO, and MY TURN (this might just be one that toddlers with older siblings have mastered).  She also enjoys changing her wardrobe like 5 times a day but when it is time to change her clothes in order to go somewhere she refuses.  This is one outfit she refused to change out of…..


We threw a play date birthday party (one during the weekday, just after nap time) yesterday and she had such a wonderful time….

The theme was Sesame Street and thanks to Earth’s Best the snack table was covered! Earth’s Best has cookies, crackers, fruit bars, yogurt smoothies, etc. that our toddler enjoys.

We had Telly’s Tactile Tubs set up in the dining room for the kiddos to play in and play they did…

She had such a wonderful time. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends in our lives.