Imagination Kingdom

I don’t know what is more fascinating, the Imagination Kingdom or all the amazing people who made Imagination Kingdom possible! This project is a true example of what is possible when we all come together. We could all learn something from the community of Wauseon, Ohio.


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Imagination Kingdom is a handicapped accessible playground located in Reighard Park, in Wauseon, OH. It is the first ever 100% plastic playground in Ohio. (Why plastic? Maintenance isn’t as much, it doesn’t require staining & sealing every year like wooden playgrounds, and as an added bonus parents don’t have to worry about kiddos getting splinters).  The playground project was funded, all $250,000, by a committee who solicited area businesses, organizations, and individuals. They also sold engraved pavers & fence pickets which can be seen as you walk up and around the playground. And get this, the playground was no only built by the community, but was entirely staffed by volunteers!! Ah-mazing!!


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As we pulled up to Imagination Kingdom all I could hear was oohhs & aahhs coming from the back seats. “It’s a CASTLE!” screamed the 4 year old. The car had barely come to a complete stop and they were unbuckling and jumping out in pure elation and anticipation of the fun to be had! “I am going to be Rapunzel “, yelled out the 4 year old as she ran up to the castle. Meanwhile my 8 & 9 year olds ran off to explore. Mind you, there is no running off; the entire Kingdom is fenced in, a mother’s dream come true!! But it is large enough that they felt like they were exploring on their own.

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We enjoyed a brief interlude from exploration to enjoy some jams!! How cool are these? They are by Sound Play.


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From a parents perspective I like the fact that the Kingdom was separated.  Far too often little ones get trampled on by the big kids. It was nice that the little ones have their own space. I also like the fact that the big kid space and little kid space were right next to each other; it was easy for me to keep an eye on all 3 kiddos.


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Imagination Kingdom is definitely a destination. You will want to linger for a little longer than most playgrounds, which is why I advise stopping by The Red Rambler on your way there and grabbing yourself a refreshment.  


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The iced coffee was delicious!! Or perhaps stopping in at Sullivan’s before or after you play. Or better yet, pack a picnic! But don’t forget your bug repellent, the mosquitos are bad this year. Your little princes and princesses are certain to enjoy all that the Imagination Kingdom has to offer, happy playing!!! Now of a sweet playground within a 60 mile radius of Toledo? Please share!! I was thinking it might be nice to have a list of all the clean, mom approved, and fun playground in the area.