5 Trends that’ll make your Kiddos Summer Party Sizzle!!!!

1.  BIG SUMMER BASH in lieu of birthday parties: There seems to be a big trend forming, parents are opting to spend more on one HUGE summer bash for their kiddos as opposed to hosting big birthday parties for each child. I must admit, I am 100% onboard!! Don’t get me wrong we will still do something small for each child on their birthday but we won’t be doing the ridiculously complicated Pinterest worthy celebrations like we did in the past. We just hosted our BIG Schools out for SUMMER Bash yesterday & it was an absolute blast!! We will totally do it again next summer! In fact some of the kiddos were begging us to have another one next week! Yep, it was that much fun! LOL!

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2. Bounce House: When I think back to my own childhood, and the parties my kiddos have attended all the really awesome ones always had a bounce house/ inflatables.  Those were the parties we would talk about for weeks, months, even years to come! The Bounce House/ Inflatable is still ALL the rage! The kids love the bounce houses! And it is nice on the parents, it gives us a break, we can literally just sit and watch instead of having to occupy their attention with a ½ dozen other activities. And I will be the first to tell you there is no competing with the bounce house; it is in a class of its own! Yes, I speak from experience. During our Summer bash I made an attempt at getting the kiddos off the giant inflatable waterslide to participate in water balloon & water gun activities and they could care less…the only way they were getting off that waterslide was if GOD told them to, via lightning. LOL! IT WAS A BLAST!! The kiddos loved it! Huge thank you to FUN FACTORY for bringing the FUN!!

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3. Decorate Your Own (DYO): No need to purchase that already decorated cake or cookies, the latest trend is having the kiddos decorate their own!! WHAT!?! You heard right. Bake your cupcakes, cakes, and/ or cookies and then set up a frosting and decoration station/table. Or better yet, do what I did and outsource, have someone do it for you. Sweet Cheeks Treats made/baked all the cookies and supplied the frosting in these awesome easy to use frosting bottles.

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It was the coolest! The kiddos had fun coming up with their own designs for their fish, ball, and dolphin cookies! Not only did Sweet Cheeks Treats supply the cookies she also saved me time, energy, and patience, huge thank you!!! Tip of the day: Whenever possible, outsource, save your sanity!

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4. Photo-booth:  How often do you get to wear a sombrero and fake mustache? And then be a beautiful princess two minutes later? Not often enough, right!?! The photo-booth is the perfect opportunity for the kiddos to use their imaginations and mix & match various props in order to produce the silliest photo. Most party stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby) often stock a small photo-booth kit. Simply set up the backdrop (a shower curtain and/or tablecloth works well), layout the props, and have an adult designated as the photo-booth photographer…to add to the fun you could upload photos  to the computer and have everyone vote on their favorite and then give the winners a prize!


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5. Piñata- I know what you’re thinking, really, that is so old-school, right!?! Well, old school is cool now days. We picked out this beauty at Wal-Mart but practically all stores seem to have them these days. But I will advise that you take into consideration how many kiddos you have and purchase one that will hold enough goodies for everyone. This guy offered slim pickings for our guests so we will have to go for a larger size next time. Also, get creative with what you stuff your piñata with, it doesn’t need to be candy…Chuck-e-cheese tokens, coupons, tattoos, stickers, etc.


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Summer Parties are the BEST! Whether you have yours in the beginning, mid, or late summer, there is nothing better than getting together with family and friends. Remember, it is the people in your life that matter most! So, in the midst of all the chaos and fun be sure to pull up a towel, chair, cooler, etc.. just grab a seat and make time for those that matter most. Cheers!! BRING ON SUMMER!!

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So, what are your thoughts on having a big party in lieu of a birthday party for each child?


How you can save at the Pump! ($100 giveaway)

Mom on the go is not a title exclusive to the school year.  In fact, we might even be more ‘on the go’ during the summer months than we are during the school year. And why shouldn’t we be? There are so many local activities and events that are offered in our community.  One such event is the city’s focus on Australia!

I have always wanted to go to Australia. Ever since I heard my first Didgeridoo when I was a kid the culture, animals, history, land, aboriginal art etc. intrigue me and I would simply adore the opportunity to fly there and visit. However, a family vacation to Australia isn’t feasible at this juncture in our lives. But thankfully the Toledo Zoo and Toledo Museum of Art are offering exhibits on Australia! Thus, if you can’t take Mom on the go to Australia, why not bring parts of Australia to Mom on the go?


So, in addition to attending local concerts, story times, workshops, art classes, etc. we will be exploring Australia via Toledo, haha! 

Unfortunately, even though I try my best to seek out free activities for the kiddos and I to enjoy there are still some fees we incur. Well, one to be precise.  Gas!! I have a feeling you can relate, at least based on Facebook statuses, the following has been floating around Facebook for the past couple weeks…


Though a tad crude, it gets the point across which is, gas prices are high! Thankfully I have found a way to save money at the pump!


Right now at all Kroger’s stores they are offering 2 x the fuel points for all grocery purchases on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through June 30th!  That means that you could save up to $1 per gallon at the pump by redeeming up to 1,000 Fuel Points at any Kroger Fuel Center, and at participating stations. I know what your thinking, to good to be true, right!? But it is true, and so simple to qualify. All you have to do is click here for the digital coupon that will double your fuel points earned when shopping at Kroger on weekends, meaning every $1 spent on the weekends equals 2 fuel points. Can I get a woohoo? Look out Australia via Toledo here we come!!!

To help get you started with that grocery order and on your way to saving 2x fuel points Kroger’s has teamed up with Mom on the go in Holy Toledo and is offering a $100 gift card to one reader.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. What are your plans for the summer? Will you be traveling around town, or perhaps you have an awesome road trips planned? Reply to this post expressing where you are going this summer…what is your summer destination?
  2. Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Facebook page.
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Winner will be randomly selected June 23nd at 11:59pm. Good Luck and remember, everyone wins when you get 2x the fuel points! So get your grocery shopping on!

Well, I am off to put another shrimp on the barbie!

Disclosure: I will be receiving a $100 Kroger gift card. All opinions expressed are my own.