Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt Kids can Play with Friends even from a Distance

Who’s up for some friendly competition? I think we might have actually started a new tradition during lockdown last year. This was  originally posted March 23, 2020. And the kids had so much fun they keep asking when we can do it again, thus, I’m adding this to our Summer Bucket List!

Original post…..

In an effort to stay positive, get kiddos out of the house for some fresh air, & allow for some social fun while still practicing social distancing we’re challenging you, your kiddos, & your kiddos’ friends to this Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt!!

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How to Play……


2+ players required

Share this post with whomever you are challenging…preferably someone located in a neighborhood setting, or if they live in a rural setting they will need to drive to the nearest town/neighborhood. You could also make this a fun family activity; simply divide into 2-3 teams.

What You’ll Need:

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How to Play:

Once you have your neighborhood scavenger hunt sheet printed off, pen/pencil, hard surface to write on, & device charged and ready to go call other player(s) on your phone (parents, kids know how to create a group chat if you don’t 😉 ), Have all players set their device timers for 30 minutes, everyone hit START on your timers at the same time, & let the hunt begin!!!  PARENTS, DO set SAFETY RULES ahead of time.

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Walk around the neighborhood looking for each of the items listed on the neighborhood photo scavenger hunt page, as you find an item take a digital pic. You have 30 minutes to find as many as you can, but, once the timer goes off you must stop taking pics. Take a screenshot of all the items you located….you should be able to get all of them in 2 screen shots. Here’s an example of ours….

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Then send those screenshots to the other players. Each player will confirm one another’s findings. Once you have confirmation that all of your digital pics are legit, (or if you’re like us you might have a few of your pics get vetoed….apparently a bird bath isn’t a water feature, lol!), tally your points.

Winner gets something set via snail mail from the other players!!  Or, if you’re playing as a family why not celebrate the winner with s’mores…for everyone!!

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