Kids Moved back to Remote Learning: Living History is HARD

UPDATE: ANOTHER BLOW!! This was originally published just a couple weeks ago, TPS, our school district, just sent out another message that ALL kids will return to remote learning at home. We are currently working through some deep emotions, but this post holds truer now then it did just a few weeks ago. Would love to read your take and thoughts.

The BIG day was almost here, the day the kids have been looking forward to since March, going back to school in-person!! Our 7th and 9th grader were super stoked, after a decade in an elementary building they were going to finally have lockers. You would have thought they were finally receiving their driver’s license the way their eyes light up when talking about their locker, locker combinations, how they wanted to decorate their lockers, etc. As a parent it felt amazing seeing them getting so excited about school, and truth be told they weren’t the only ones. My plan after all three kiddos were finally in in-person, or the hybrid schedule, was to start substitute teaching. Yep, we were finally moving on from this quarantine lifestyle, back into the real world, back to reality, our lives outside the home, no longer on a screen daily, but actually  in-person. We were so close we could taste it!! And then we received the crushing news. 

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