How to Boost Your Creativity Levels

As women, we are constantly bombarded with responsibilities. We are expected to juggle work, family, and social lives all while looking put together and staying sane. It’s a lot to handle, and sometimes our creative juices can get lost in the shuffle. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and in need of a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

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Forever 21 and Herve Leger: How Are They Beneficial to the Fashion Industry?

With its new partnership with Herve Leger, Forever 21 has attempted to distance itself from its reputation as a copycat. The company’s parent company has owned Herve Leger since 2017. The merger between the two brands is seamless. It was inevitable that Forever 21 would make its bandage dress popular on the market, but partnering with Herve Leger did not result in cannibalizing the brand’s customers.

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How To Make The Life Easier For Plus-Size Family Or Friends

People who are plus-sized tend to receive a lot of judgment. Really and truly though, it is entirely up to the individual whether or not they put on weight or lose weight for that matter. People are perfect the way that they are and shouldn’t be made to feel bad about how they look.

One thing that impacts the lives of many plus-sized people negatively is that they aren’t able to live ‘ordinary’ lives because there are various obstacles in the way, like clothing that’s too small for example.

This post will tell you how you can make your plus-sized loved ones feel better about themselves (and how you can make their lives easier).

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Top Ways To Care for Your Sterling Silver Antiques

Sterling silver has been around for centuries. It symbolizes status and wealth, and many families have passed down these precious heirlooms. Some people struggle with sterling silver care because they aren’t sure how to, and they don’t want to damage the antiques. 

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JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR 50th Anniversary Tour



Tickets Available Now!

TOLEDO, OH ― The American Theatre Guild is thrilled to present the reimagined 50th Anniversary tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. This production is a part of the BROADWAY IN TOLEDO SERIES and will take the Stranahan Theater stage on October 13–16, 2022.

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How Prayer and Meditation Work Together in Your Life

Prayer and meditation go hand in hand as they are very similar. One focuses heavily on the brain, while the other focuses on the body. As you progress and master each practice individually, you will find that both prayer and meditation begin to link to one another as both seek out their opposites. This means that meditation will connect to the mind, and prayer will affect the body. These key characteristics define how prayer and meditation work together in your life to bring you balance and wellness. 

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5 Ways To Help Babies Build Sensory Skills

There are various vital skills babies need to develop as their brains form and bodies flourish. Sensory motor skills help infants learn more about their environment, especially because babies experience most of the world through their senses. And this is why sensory play is so important to infants and toddlers—it brings things to their level and allows them to explore our world. Read on to uncover some of the best ways to help babies build sensory skills.

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Advice for Parents Raising a Teenager With Autism

Your child has blossomed into a mini-young adult right before your eyes. You may not feel like you have much influence on your child these days, but their behavior correlates with the bond you both have. Your teen has likely had plenty of advice, practice tasks, and interventions to help them become more independent later in life.

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