Win a Family 4-Pack Tickets to Elf on the Shelf

What’s one of the best gifts you can give your kids and grandkids? The gift of an experience. Why? Because, an experience is an extra special gift, you see, it’s not just one gift, but three. The first gift being the anticipation. The excitement begins the moment you purchase those tickets and builds with each passing day. The second gift is the actual experience, the performance. And the third gift is the memory. The amazing memory of the experience, the loved ones you shared it with, the glances and  nods you gave each other as you watched it, the way your youngest laughed so hard they had to go potty. Those special intimate moments that occur during the experience that bonds loved ones and freezes them in that space and time to be treasured for the rest of their lives. And what if I told you you could start that gift giving as early as today? (Remember the first gift of an experience is the anticipation). Let’s get that anticipation started! 

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