Under the Weather Wednesday……but moms can’t call in sick to motherhood!

Well today started off like the past three mornings, mama’s throat was aching. So, I went to the doctor and the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed”. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  The diagnosis was strep throat. So I had my prescription filled, took my antibiotic, and headed home to my preschooler and toddler for rest, as the doctor prescribed, right! Doesn’t she know moms don’t get sick days?

Thanks to some creative measures mommy was able to lie down for a little while.  I played scavenger hunt with my preschooler. I hid a few of his play cars in various locations around the house and then gave him clues via walkie-talkie to locate them, he had a
blast and I stayed on the couch.

Meanwhile my toddler thought it was fun throwing Legos around the room.  She would throw them all over the room and I would make exciting faces as she did it, then she would go pick them up, and start all over again. I am sure most moms might have
encouraged their child to stop throwing items around the house, especially near daddy’s prized possession, his way to large for the room television.  But, one must remember that this mom was having a sick day.




I survived the morning and before I knew it was time for afternoon pick-up. So I grabbed the kiddos and we headed to the school where I have finally figured out how to avoid the stress inducing afternoon pick-up fiasco. The secret, get there really early.  I pack things for the kiddos to do while we wait and I have an afternoon pick-up book that I keep in the car strictly for pick-up.  So I grabbed my book and began reading and somehow entered the twilight zone.  The author was referencing Lisa Lobe in the book; she went to a party and saw a woman that resembled Lisa Loeb. Long story short, it was actually Lisa Loeb. Then, at that exact moment, as if it was planned, guess what song came on the radio while I was reading this, “Stay” by Lisa Loeb.  No joke, maybe it was the meds but I had a real twilight zone moment.

Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down

Once home my mother called and expressed that I need to go outside and get vitamin D in order to get healthy.  I figured I will try anything.  So, we are off to play that ever popular, fun for all ages backyard game, I Spy Poop.  Seriously, it is so difficult to find poop with all the leaves on the ground I need the kiddos help.  You try it; can you spy the poop in the following picture?

Well, I am off to settle a dispute between the kiddos, one claims mud and the other claims poop.  I guess I am the referee; I have to make a call.  So, until next time, stay healthy moms because remember, moms can’t call in sick to motherhood.

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