Mommy vs. the Cake Pops!!

My love affair for Cake Pops started when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  It was a mid-morning and I needed a little pick-me-up, as most preggos do. So I drove through the local Starbucks drive-thru and to my delighted they had these things called Cake Pops.  Cake Pops? Do I dare? I do! So, I figured why not try them out; I am not one to pass up anything with cake in the name.

Starbucks Cake Pops

So I order up a Birthday Cake Pop and pulled around.  After receiving the Cake pop I pulled into a parking spot not far from the drive-thru to give this thing a thorough review. It looked gorgeous, a beautiful pink hue with small little white dots sprinkled on top.  I started to hear a voice coming from the backseat, I think my newly potty trained son had to go pee or something, but I was too distracted by this delectable delight before my eyes.  And then I took a bite. Hello! The moist texture of the cake, the crunch of the chocolate on the outside and sweet taste of this treat ranked right up there with what initially got me into this preggo mess. It was pure bliss. Once the bliss passed and the cake pop was gone I came to, back to reality, and realized my son was not saying he had to go potty but please mommy, please mommy, please mommy.  I felt horrible; I had eaten this cake pop right in front of him.  So, what is a mommy to do? That’s right, back through the drive-thru we went and this time I got two!

Since our first encounter I have tried to maintain a distant relationship with the cake pop out of respect for my thighs, but it isn’t easy.  They are at most children’s birthday parties and, after all, I don’t want to be rude.  I however have not personally attempted to make a Cake Pop, that is until last night.

My daughter has decided to hand out Hello Kitty Valentines and along with each, thanks to a search on the internet, we are including Hello Kitty Cake Pops.

This website has amazing Cake Pops. Source:

I have friends that have made cake pops and they always look amazing and taste fantastic. Granted I am not in the same baking caliber as they are but I figured I would give it a gander. Why? Maybe it was my newfound confidence in cake decorating since receiving my certificate for completing the cake decorating class? Maybe it was because I did not want to disappoint my daughter? Maybe it was the 3 cups of coffee I had that afternoon?  What ever the reason, and I still can’t quite figure it out, I said yes to what would become a hot mess.

I started making the cake pops around 9pm, after the kiddos went to bed.  I had hoped to be done around 10pm so I could get a much-needed shower.  I was a little over-confident in the beginning.  I had no problem crumbling up the cake and mixing the frosting.  I had a tough time determining the actual size of the cake balls. I knew if they were to big they would not stay on the stick yet if they were to small they would just look weird. 

After I went through and resized the cake balls what seemed like seventeen times or so I finally arrived at what I felt was a structurally sounds size.  So I melted the chocolate, dipped the stick in the chocolate and then placed it in the balls.  And then watched them fall right off the balls.  I finally figured out that I would have to leave them ball side down with the stick standing straight up (this is not meant to be dirty, sorry). I placed them in the refrigerator for a few minutes then got them out to place the chocolate chips on the sides, which would help resemble Hello Kitty’s ears. That was a piece of cake (no pun intended). 

This is the image the website offered. Source:

Then the most complicated step of the night, dipping the cake balls into the chocolate.  By now it was around 10:30pm.  So, I had to determine where the cake pops would stand to dry, the website recommended a Styrofoam block, I did not have a Styrofoam block. So I got the next best thing, I took apart our Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey and used the Styrofoam ball from it, yes, I said ball, round sphere, not block, as recommend.

Cake Ball Down....Medic

On to the most tragic part of the evening, casualties, I had casualties left and right. The first one fell into the chocolate, the second stayed on the stick for a few minutes then fell, this continued for the next half a dozen or so. And yes, I ate the casualties, it was so hard just seeing them sit there, so sad.  

I can’t just leave him there!

Once I got the chocolate to the right consistency I managed to actually make 11 cake pops, ate roughly the same amount but 50/50 isn’t bad for the first time around, right? I finally gave up, I know when to admit defeat and that point is when I am in the kitchen at 11 o’clock at night sipping a glass or wine and crying over cake balls swimming in a pool of chocolate.

11 out of 45, my precious 11

The current state of my relationship with cake balls is a trial separation. I really can’t stand to look at them, it reminds me of that night.

Thankfully a few did turnout great….

A few of them turned out great; it’s like, Hello Kitty.
Then there are those where it’s like, HELLO kitty? Eck!
The lucky 11 went off to the Girl Scout meeting today.



Have you ever made cake pops? Or maybe you have had to admit defeat? Please share.

9 thoughts on “Mommy vs. the Cake Pops!!

  • These are so cute! I didn’t realize the ears were attached before dipping, that sounds difficult. To make the cake balls into uniform sizes, I usually divide the cake/frosting mixture into 6 or so sections and try to make the same number of balls from each section, they usually turn out pretty close to the same and you won’t have to keep taking from one to make another one bigger. I love the bow! And I’ll have to check out the pens you used for the face, I never knew those existed.

  • Cute post, made me laugh 🙂 I like that you share the “fails”. If I tried I’d probably cry and through them away without knowing the whole story LOL.
    Your new follower,

    • Thanks Cassidy. I adore your cupcake post…those chocolate cupcakes look A-Mazing! I would totally eat like 6 in 2 minutes too, lol! Can’t wait to read more, I am following you (but not stalker style, lol!)

    • I am loving Show & Share! Thank you for visiting Mamamia! I am a new follower and by the way, the sticky bun cake looks so amazing…if it tastes half as good as it looks I will be one happy lady. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and recipes!

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