Tea Time

My mom treated us to tea yesterday at the Stranleigh Manor. The children were so excited. They sat out their clothes the day before. Our little man so desperately wanted to look handsome. He asked me if I could get him the coat and tie that men wear at weddings. He wanted a tuxedo for tea.  He is so sweet; he told me he wanted to be a handsome gentleman so badly.  In fact he asked that I call him Mr. and Sir during tea, lol! Thankfully I was able to convince him that his white button down shirt and tie were dressy enough. And that shorts were a must since the temperature that day was in the 90s.



As we walked to tea it was so much fun to see what all the ladies were wearing, some were even adorned with creative headdresses (hats, headbands, bows, etc).


Once there we received a number and we waited in the front room.


Since they only take reservations for half the seating when we called all reservations were full so we had to take a number and wait. And wait we did. After waiting half an hour the children, my sister, and I walked around the gardens for a little while to kill time.


After two hours our number was finally called. Boy was it worth the wait. There are three rooms designated for tea and since we had a larger party we were fortunate enough to be seated in the same room as the musical entertainment. Which just so happened to include one of the children’s preschool teacher, it was so awesome!

The petite sandwiches and desserts were delicious. They even had PB & J for the tiniest tea goers.


And our daughters got a kick out of the fact that there was one seat free at our table and they designated it for their Brave doll.

We had such a wonderful time and our little gentleman was so endearing. He even offered to eat any food us ladies might be unable to finish.  While my sister and I were served hot tea, my mom iced tea, the children opted for punch and I just couldn’t resist this picture of them sporting their punch mustaches…



The next tea is September 7th and the theme is dress like your favorite I love Lucy episode. For reservations call 419-344-4765

Have you ever had tea with your children? Some of the best tea parties are the impromptu ones, right? With random attendants like Barbie, Big Bird, or whatever stuffed animal your child favors that day…who have you had tea with lately?

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