Tailgating Tuesdays: Products Review (video clip)

As promised, it is the first Tuesday in September and Tailgating Tuesdays is commencing. What is Tailgating Tuesdays? Every Tuesday in the month of September will include tailgating topics such as tailgating tips, product reviews, recipes, and yes, even a giveaway! So be sure to check out what tailgating topics are in store each and every Tuesday this month.

For the first installation of Tailgating Tuesdays I am providing reviews on some of the best tailgating products around. I had originally planned on providing these product reviews on a couple local news channels but thanks to the political conferences the tailgating segment got bumped, I was total bummer. But also a little relieved, the first segment would have been recorded on my daughter’s first day of school so I am glad I did not have to miss such a monumental day (after all, you only get 12 of those and of those 12 I am pretty sure you can only get away with holding their hand, dropping them off and giving them kisses and hugs until maybe 4th grade, if I am lucky). So, without further ado, the products review…..



I am not sure if you noticed but I did record this with a toddler and preschooler in the room.  They both adlibbed a few comments in the background but I hope my points were received clearly.

Also, with regard to the giveaway, I will be giving away four out of the five items discussed in the review. What item would you be interested in winning?

Now it is your turn to share. Have you ever tailgated before a game?  If not, would you tailgate with your family? What is your favorite sport to tailgate? Do you have a favorite item or products that you use tailgating?

4 thoughts on “Tailgating Tuesdays: Products Review (video clip)

  • I do love to tailgate, however making it a kid-friendly event is tricky. I think it would work out better with older kids. I love football season, so that is the only sport I have tailgated so far. It has been years so I don’t have a favorite product (besides beer!) but the drink n plates are awesome! I love how erganomical they are.

    • Alison you bring up a good point, from a safety perspective tailgating with toddlers and preschoolers is not a good idea. You are around cars, often in a parking lot, with open flames, people drinking, and sometimes there is vulgar language. These are all things we try to avoid at all cost as moms’; safety always has to be number one. But it can be a great experience with older kiddos. I agree the Drink-n-plate is awesome! Thank you for sharing Alison.

  • Even though I like sports I really don’t go to live events. So, I have only tailgated once but it was a lot of fun.
    The mosquito repellant is a great idea if you don’t want all those nasty chemicals. I used to sell that and similar products in the RV business and many of my customers loved them.
    I personally would like the plate and cup. We could take it to parties and not worry about juggling everything.

    • The nice thing about tailgating is that it is often about the experience. There are people who just come to tailgate, hang out with other fans, and then go home and watch the game. The Thermacell Outdoor Lantern is such a great product for any and all outdoor activities I can see why your customers loved them.
      The drink-n-plate is so cool. A party would be another perfect place to use the drink-in-cup; it would totally minimize spills and drink confusion. There is nothing worse than drinking out of a cup and then realizing it isn’t yours, having it attached to your plate would minimize this issue. And you could shake hand with people when you meet them…but then you would have to sanitize your hand before handling your food…maybe that was a bad example. Thank you for sharing Tammy, have a good night.

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