Wordless Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Treats

I realize everyone is very busy today with Valentine’s Day preparations, the beginning of Lent, and just the daily grind. So I am keeping the reading to a minimum and I am making this post toddler friendly, translation, lots of pictures!

Preschooler’s Valentine’s Day treats….

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 004

My little helper…

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 009

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 013

valentinestreats 014

valentinestreats 017

1st Grader’s Valentine’s Day treats….

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 015

valentinestreats 001

valentinestreats 006

Look who sneaked a cookie…first she stole my heart and now a cookie!

valentinestreats 004

valentinestreats 007

valentinestreats 010

These are for my Valentines….fruit dipped in chocolate with flax-seed sprinkled on it, yum!

yummyfood 006

Can’t forget our 4-legged Valentines….aren’t these the cutest!

dogtreatsnewmans 001

dogtreatsnewmans 004

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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