Wordless Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Treats

I realize everyone is very busy today with Valentine’s Day preparations, the beginning of Lent, and just the daily grind. So I am keeping the reading to a minimum and I am making this post toddler friendly, translation, lots of pictures!

Preschooler’s Valentine’s Day treats….

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 004

My little helper…

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 009

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 013

valentinestreats 014

valentinestreats 017

1st Grader’s Valentine’s Day treats….

blueberries_pork_spidermancookies 015

valentinestreats 001

valentinestreats 006

Look who sneaked a cookie…first she stole my heart and now a cookie!

valentinestreats 004

valentinestreats 007

valentinestreats 010

These are for my Valentines….fruit dipped in chocolate with flax-seed sprinkled on it, yum!

yummyfood 006

Can’t forget our 4-legged Valentines….aren’t these the cutest!

dogtreatsnewmans 001

dogtreatsnewmans 004

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Moms’ Timeout Show: Valentine’s Day Treats & Crafts

Here are a few more fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are 100% fat-free…..

girlsgame 005

A few years back I made this fun Lovopoly game for my main man and Valentine, my hubby.  It is so cute because you customize the entire game to your life. The game I made includes where we first met, our children’s birthdays, where we honeymooned, etc. It is such a clever gift that is sure to surprise any Valentine.  Click here to start making one today.

vday 004

Here is a fun way to ensure that you and your hubby have set dates for the rest of the year. Click here for more info.



Customized books are a classic choice for the little Valentine’s in your life. Your kiddos will lose their minds when you start reading these books and they realize they are the main characters! My kiddos simply adore their books, click here to customize one to your little Valentine today!

books 003

Photo books are another great Valentine’s Day gift for all your Valentine’s, young and old. Why not make a special book for your hubby that includes pictures and events that were special for just the two of you? Make a fun book of special events that have happened over the years for your little Valentine’s.  Make your own recipe book for a friend…the possibilities are endless, have fun and get creative. Make a book with photos of all your toddlers favorite things like, mommy, daddy, their toddler bed, favorite stuffed animal, etc. Have fun!



 At the beginning of the show Alison is mimicking a scene from a movie, name that movie!