Wordless…wait, what is today?

Happy 1st week (1/2 week) of Spring, which means, only 1-1/2 weeks left of Lent. For Lent this year I decided to practice the act of talking less and listening more. It hasn’t been going as well as I would like, so God really gave some encouragement, I have laryngitis.

Thus, in an effort to talk less I will make the remainder of this post wordless. But first, I have to share this humorous morsel with you. My mom called the other day and I made every effort to talk but to no avail so my mom ended the conversation by stating, “Give me a holler if you need anything”.  Ha-ha…I have laryngitis, I can’t holler. And on with the show…

Background information: We decorated eggs this evening with a friend. The kiddos eagerly awaited their friend’s arrival. Each took turns looking out the window. The scene was so beautiful with the sunshine flooding the living room…..

iPad_eastereggs 036

iPad_eastereggs 028

iPad_eastereggs 024

iPad_eastereggs 040

iPad_eastereggs 041

iPad_eastereggs 043

iPad_eastereggs 048

iPad_eastereggs 049

iPad_eastereggs 057

iPad_eastereggs 052

iPad_eastereggs 050

With all the eggtravaganza fun we only had one casualty! Not too shabby!

egg 003

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