Pet vs. Pest (Insect Education Kit Giveaway)

If I were to say our 7 year old daughter likes insects that would be an understatement. Obsessed might be a better description of her interest.

Why, just the other day I was searching for a Pyrex dish to place leftovers in and came up empty-handed. Why? Well, apparently they make the perfect bug bungalow, who knew? She had those dishes piled 3 high with various bugs; pill bugs, worms, spider, crazy legs, etc.  Please note, I do not share the same interest and have no idea what the actual names of these “bugs” are called. But since her interest doesn’t seem to be fading perhaps I should learn? (Image below is of her holding a stick bug)

swingset_stickbug 008

Her interest in insects began at a young age. I can recall one incident in particular. She and I were in the bathroom, she must have been around 3, and we were brushing our teeth and out of nowhere “crazy legs” (again, I have no idea what they are actually called but they are big and they have WAY too many legs…all those legs, they creep me out!) went bolting across the floor. I let out a yelp and began my search for an object to kill the pest. But not my little princess, she clearly did not share my same detest for the “crazy legs”.  Her eyes widened and her facial express said it all, she displayed awe and inspiration.  She said, “awe mommy look he is so cute…a new pet”.  No. No. NO! How was I supposed to put my fear to rest if this thing was still lurking in my house….but how do I break my little girl’s heart and kill her pet? Oh the quandaries of motherhood.  On the plus side maybe they didn’t live long!?

Take the Pest Test today….Click on the image and see how well you know your pest (you can find out how long cockroaches and bed bugs live…the answers may really surprise you, they did me!).



Her interest has only intensified with age. Whenever we walk to the park her focus is more on the insects along the way as opposed to the destination. And when she arrives at her Nana’s house which has a big wooded backyard, she requests a Ziploc bag and heads right out the backdoor in search of insects. We even currently have a Mason jar specifically for Locus shells. And the cherry on this bug infestation fascination, her teacher this year once had a cockroach for 8 years.  I know what most of you are thinking, eww right?! But I was so excited for my little entomologist. Since she is my love and I want to take an interest in what my loves love I am slowly appreciating the role insects play in our lives, slowly.


So when I came across this awesome Orkin Education Kit plus Flashlight I knew I had to share. For all you parents out there who are raising little entomologist and even for those who aren’t this is a great way to educate yourself and kiddos….


The Orkin Home Education Kit includes:

• 2 Orkin Factoids 11×17 Posters

      – Poster #1 – The Pollinators

      – Poster #2 – The Recyclers

• 1 Orkin bug-finding flashlight

• 20 Rubber Toy Creepy Crawly Bugs

To enter complete each of the following:

Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Facebook page

Like The Orkin Ecologist Facebook page

Follow @mamaof3onthego on twitter

Reply to this post expressing what answer from the Pest Test shocked you most.

Winner will be randomly selected Sept. 20th @11:59pm

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