Social-Distance-Awareness Traveling Easter Bunny

Why miss out on those traditional Easter Bunny photos? With a little creativity & some savvy planning, a visit and photo-shoot with the Easter Bunny could be totally possible, which is precisely what one local mom is doing!

After being faced with the unfortunate situation of losing her job local mom, Stephanie Chandler, was not only trying to come up with ways to fill in the financial gap, but also find a way to help parents in our community try to keep some “normalcy” for kiddos during this time of year.

“Due to recent events, we’ve all been faced with an unfortunate need to quarantine, which is resulting in the systematic decline of our sanity!! Sadly, it’s happened to fall during a holiday that holds a lot of traditions. Given this state of events and the never- waning necessity for my family’s traditions to be met, I came up with the idea of a social-distance-awareness traveling Easter Bunny”. –Stephanie Chandler-

Social-Distance-Awareness Traveling Easter Bunny

“Hop-a-Round” Easter Bunny 

Stephanie Chandler

Phone: 330-760-2164


Visit options:


Nothing beats the joy you see on the kiddos’ faces when they see the Easter bunny driving down their street!!







Looking to add some Easter cheer to your little ones holiday? Why not surprise the grandkids? OR better yet, the entire street?

Contact the Social-Distance-Awareness Traveling Easter Bunny today!

Stephanie Chandler, Phone: 330-760-2164


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