Mamas’ Back-to-School Survival Boxes, know a mom? She NEEDS this!

OMG! This was precisely what my mama soul needed; it was like a warm hug, a BFF saying,  “I got you” & a much needed break from trying to be that sole person holding the BLEEP all together! If you’re a mama, if you know a mama, if you have a mama in your life with a kiddo going back-to-school, you NEED to get her this!



In general the back-to-school season is a very stressful season for moms between back-to-school supplies, clothes, trying to coordinate carpools, etc. add a global pandemic to the mix and you instantly multiply that stress by TEN!

We mamas have really been put through the ringer. To be told we were only going to have children home from school for an “extended Spring Break” and then to still be living this six months later is beyond exhausting!

Whether you have decided to home school, chose the online schooling option with your district, originally planned on hybrid schooling but are now told you will start virtually (yup, that’s me…not cool w/it and are still working through the emotions), or perhaps your kiddos are going full time, no matter what or how your kiddos are starting the school year WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, MAMAS! How exactly? Because it IS ALL NEW, whether it’s the screen or masks, this school year will be different for all of us! Thus, this box is precisely what your sister, sister-in-law, girlfriend, daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, aunt, etc. needs….like I said before, if she has a kiddo going back to school by any means possible, she NEEDS this!














Why, again? OMG, come one…because mamas everywhere have been living this for 6 months, have been keeping a positive outlook, smiles on their faces, a “we’ve got this, we’ll be fine” mentality in front of their kiddos but internally we’re ready to burn the city down, find the Doc , fix the Flux Capacitor, and return to 2019! (Obviously some idiot went into the future and severally messed things up, if we could just go back and retrieve the article, clothing, person “BIFF”, etc. we could fix it….if you are not a ‘Back to the Future’ Fan then disregard this 😉 ) Or basically we just need that extra oomph, hoist, that thing to lift us up to the next mile marker…it’s a huge mountain but we will get there, we will get our children to the peak of their educational experience, they will summit, no matter the slips, falls, avalanches/pandemics, etc. that get in their way…us Mamas are their Sherpas and WE WON’T QUIT!! (Like, legit, death is the only way most Sherpas quit so I figured that was a fabulous analogy, right?!)




Here’s the details (and BE NICE, Gabrielle is a mama too! She’s also busy with ALL THIS DRAMA!…but also can appreciate all us Mamas are going through, SHE’S AMAZING!!!!)

Company: Social Events Co.



Cost: $40 for 2 children + a mama, $5 per extra child

How to Order:

  1. Email:
  2. Subject: BTS Box
  3. Name, Address, Phone Number, & # of kiddos

Social Events Co. will email an invoice, you have 24 hours to pay, & delivery will be a contactless, porch drop off!!

FYI- must be within 30 miles of 43616 Zip Code…slightly outside the zip code? Say, Wauseon, OH, no worries, but please make it worth their trip, get a few other mamas on board 😉


Mamas, I’ve never been one to NEED something like this, but I’ll tell you, not only myself, but the kiddos as well NEEDED this box…my patience, creativity, & passion for things like this is SHOT!! Receiving this box exponentially increased our excitement for back-to-school, and honestly, I legit forgot that we were in the middle of a pandemic while we enjoyed the contents of this box! YOU LEGIT NEED THIS, LOVES, no matter whom you are, you’ve been through SO MUCH, you deserve a break, let SOCIAL EVENTS CO. take the steering wheel, mamas!!!



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