Stylish Back to School and College Essentials

If you have a fashion-inspired daughter, she knows that every place she goes, calls for her to rock the right pieces. School is no exception when it comes to being stylish! Our kids are going back to school, whether, in person or virtual, and she needs to have the right essentials to help focus and get on track with her studies. This article provides you with the topmost essentials she will need so that she’ll totally rock whether she’s going to college or school, virtual or in person! 

painting and drawing tools set

Fashion Approved Backpacks.

A backpack is hands down, the most stylish and important essential for school! Especially when going to college, she’ll need a backpack that can handle those heavy textbooks, her laptop, chargers, notebooks, pens, pencils, my goodness she may just turn into Mary Poppins! When carrying so many valuable things, as a mom, you want something durable and your kid will for sure want something stylish. If you don’t want to go out shopping yet, you can check out online retailers like Mirta for example, that have a stunning selection of handmade backpacks for women, all 100% made in Italy (yay for quality!). A backpack like this would be the perfect compromise for you and your daughter. Who knows, maybe us moms can even borrow it sometimes! A kind of backpack like this is an investment that she will have to carry all throughout high school or college, and beyond! 


A Chic Computer or Tablet Case

I’ve been seeing in more and more school districts where kids are using tablets or computers instead of textbooks, this is more sustainable but nothing beats having a good ol’ book in front of you! However, times change and we must change with it. If your daughter is given a tablet or computer to use for school, spice it up with a chic case! You can get one with faux fur, sequins, or decorate it yourself with pictures! An adorable case may help your daughter keep her interest in her studies, or at least look forward to using it!


Fun Cloth Face Masks

The covid-19 pandemic has made it compulsory for all of us to have one must-have wearable, the face masks. If you are going back to school in person, you need a face mask. Nowadays, there are super fun face masks out there! You can get them in silk, glitter, every color of the rainbow, stripes, or any other of your favorite print! Just make sure to put a filter under it and change that once in a while for maximum effects.  


woman using laptop in bed

Cutie Patooty Sweater

A little cardigan or sweater is always something to keep handy! She can keep it in her backpack, locker, wherever she wants! You can go a million ways with this one, trying a slightly cropped one with a cute top under it, or a lovely little wool cardigan with heart buttons. 


Comfortable Shoes

From loafers, ankle boots, sneakers to sandals, you have to admit comfortable shoes are a must-have during school days! Each pair of footwear serves its purpose and helps style her outfit to make her comfy and confident! img_3213This is also ultra-important for colleges, as she will probably be walking a lot, make sure she gets sneakers that have a cool fashion twist to them. If she is going back to school online, well it’s time to find some unicorn or smiley slippers!

Continuing the routine of shopping for school essentials, even for an online student, helps bring the atmosphere and mindset that it’s back to school time. Remember, education is a highly productive investment, so go ahead and invest in fantastic school essentials for your children! 






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