How To Move During The Pandemic & As Mandates Lift

The pandemic has caused many shifts and uncertainties that left us all trying to navigate this challenging time together.

Unfortunately, major life events like weddings, international travel, and baby showers got put on hold — but we’re trying to move on with life as much as possible.

While mask mandates start lifting and our environment starts to go back to “normal,” the repercussions of the pandemic are still here.

So how can we move forward?

Did you put off moving?  Did you know it can be done safely. By implementing best practices like social distancing, cleaning, and using hand sanitizer, you’ll have a safe move.

Stated by Frisco movers, whether you’re hiring a moving company, renting a moving van, or completing your move on your own, here are a few tips to help you safely move during the aftermath of the pandemic in order to  keep your peace of mind.

Are Moving Services Still Available?

Despite the widespread impact COVID has had on many industries, the moving industry has stayed intact because of its ability to shift its processes quickly.

Moving companies are pivoting to accommodate virtual walkthroughs and social distancing. They’re implementing temperature checks, smaller crews, and more to prevent the spread of COVID. 

Toward the beginning of the pandemic, moving companies were labeled as essential businesses, so they’ve had plenty of time to adjust their operations and provide a safe environment for your move.

Some moving companies don’t offer all of their previous services, so when you’re contacting companies, make sure to ask questions early on in the process. You want to make sure they can accommodate your needs.

Speaking of questions — be sure to ask about their safety protocols to make sure you’ll be comfortable, as some companies have more lax policies than others.

Start Early

COVID-19 created many uncertainties. Starting your move as early as possible will give you time to pivot if needed and avoid unnecessary stress.

As you start your research process to pick a moving company, make sure to give yourself enough time to interview a fair amount of movers before choosing one.

With new safety protocols in place, moves will take slightly longer than usual. It’s best to schedule your movers as early as possible. To cover your bases, ask about their rescheduling and cancellation policies. It’s best to make sure you’ll be covered in case a COVID-related obstacle comes up — like a family member contracting the virus or being quarantined for coming in contact with the virus.

The number of moves a company performs during the pandemic may be different from usual. For example, they may only do three moves per weekend instead of fifteen. It’s a good idea to schedule movers six months ahead of time to cement your spot in their calendar.

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Moving on Your Own

Opting for a DIY move increases your safety, but it also increases the amount of work you have to do — pick your poison.

To be safe but also limit the amount of work for yourself, try to ask close friends and family for help. Let them know what safety practices will be implemented, and if they’re okay with the precautions, then you have free assistance with your move.

If you’re making a long-distance move, plan out your travel route. This might include finding hotels and eating arrangements — and with any trip during the pandemic and as mandates lift in case you’re crossing state borders, pack hand sanitizer, masks, and snacks.

Deciding To Rent a Moving Truck

If you don’t want the help of movers but don’t have the appropriate vehicle to make a move on your own, renting a moving truck is a good option.

Many moving truck companies are limiting exposure with thorough cleaning protocols for their trucks. Ask about their current operating hours to ensure it works within your moving timeline. Also, ask whether they require you to pay in-person or if they offer a virtual transaction to limit human-to-human contact.

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Move Safely During/After the Pandemic

While the pandemic is still taken seriously, it’s okay for significant life events to go on if you feel comfortable.

There are many steps you can take to have a safe move during the pandemic. Companies and individuals alike are adopting new safety measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

If you adopt the tips above, you’ll be able to have a successful and safe move. Remember to choose precautions that you feel most comfortable with. If you’re not ready to be around a moving team yet, don’t do it — and if you’d rather complete the move yourself, there are precautions you can put in place to keep you safe.

Whichever way you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a great moving day!

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